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Recent content by Hardwood11

  1. Hardwood11

    Shotgun hunting/ hunter harassment question.

    When they shoot into your property? Do deer actually get up and leave the 160 acres? That seems odd. I can’t think of many situations where a neighbor could shoot onto my land and scare anything off of it ?
  2. Hardwood11

    Shotgun hunting/ hunter harassment question.

    Wow, what idiots. Good luck, it’s tempting to fire one over there head when they shoot into your property, but I know that is not the answer. How close to your line do they get ??
  3. Hardwood11

    Mrs. Edwards strikes twice.

    Holy … those are nice ! Congrats
  4. Hardwood11

    Right of First Refusal

    If you have say 80 acres and your neighbor wants a first right of Refusal. Here’s the deal… he then controls the sale of your land. What if you want to sell the land to a family member, cousin, friend,? An auction would be difficult, listing would have to disclose it ? What if you find out...
  5. Hardwood11

    Right of First Refusal

    Plus the bids might be lower, knowing they could go through all the work, and not get the farm.
  6. Hardwood11

    Right of First Refusal

    Well, it’s complicated. It can be good for some sellers, and not good for others. Before you discuss cost, are you sure they are willing to sign and record a First Right of Refusal?
  7. Hardwood11

    Savage wound that ends long history…

    Big old buck ! Crazy would
  8. Hardwood11

    My muzzleloader whitetail

    That’s a stud! How exciting!!
  9. Hardwood11

    The "orange army"

    I don’t mind gun hunting… as long as it’s not smack during rut like Minnesota. That’s poor management. Iowa having the gun season in December is smart, and it’s why Iowa is great. That’s the key factor. Move the gun season to Nov 6 in Iowa and most of your big mature bucks would die in 2 yrs...
  10. Hardwood11

    Winke bought a new Farm!

    It will be interesting to see his new farm ! He’s very good at describing farms/habitat etc.. I’ve learned a lot from him.
  11. Hardwood11

    Standing Corn killing my rut action

    Had this happen in Missouri. I did see a few bucks come out of the corn. But it didn’t help .
  12. Hardwood11

    11/6 All day sit pays off

    Huge buck !! Congrats
  13. Hardwood11

    Nephews 2021 Harvest.

    Nice buck … congrats
  14. Hardwood11

    Short Season-My Lifetime Buck

    Incredible buck, great story! Big big !
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