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Recent content by Hardwood11

  1. Hardwood11

    Velvet shedding & buck dispersement - where they go?

    Agree …right now I’m not seeing much. But they will move in. Corn, beans, clover, acorns & water … all can shift deer. They have their core areas.
  2. Hardwood11

    Apple/Pear Trees

    That is a serious drought ! Unbelievable. How are the crops in your area ?
  3. Hardwood11

    2022-23 Team Contest Sign Up

    I’m in!
  4. Hardwood11

    Where are all the WORKERS?

    One of my high school classmates owns a hydraulic sales and repair business and he is doing extremely well! He cannot keep up. I would say he is #1 overall in $$ income from our class!
  5. Hardwood11

    Tactacam Reveal X

    New plot. Funny how they go to the new dirt !
  6. Hardwood11

    2022 fishing trip - daily updates…..

    Nasty cut on that finger !! Great shirt and hat though !
  7. Hardwood11

    NAW Cover!

    That is very impressive!
  8. Hardwood11

    Water troughs

    Yes we dig out the area in most cases. I have one between two big trees and that has worked also.
  9. Hardwood11

    Water troughs

    I have a few that are rubber material and they have made it many years! The plastic landscape tubs have worked for me as well.
  10. Hardwood11

    Public Land Access

    Did you mean SW (Missouri River)?
  11. Hardwood11

    Deer eating pigweed

    Do when do they quit hitting the weeds ? The reason I ask is I have short soybeans with weeds, clover, alfalfa mixed in. I’m thinking of just letting it ride. No spray . High deer density (Minnesota) . Like 20-25 deer per sit. Beans didn’t take real well..They will hammer it to nothing if I...
  12. Hardwood11

    Where are all the WORKERS?

    I’m surprised gas stations and dollar stores can even get help. The local Dollar General in my home town has a new cashier every week . Stopped in Casey’s on the 4th of July . There had to be 30-40 people getting gas and food and they had maybe 3 workers ? I think those companies will continue...
  13. Hardwood11

    Habitat Gurus- What Would You Do?

    I like alfalfa or clover in that situation. I would not be opposed to one area of switch!!
  14. Hardwood11

    Listing a farm for sale.

    I sell real estate in MN. I would say your commission is about right for land. A six month listing is very common. I would not take a 3 month as it sometimes takes 2-3 months for activity to start on the farm. Unless you are listed below market. A contract is pretty standard, that they would...
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