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Recent content by Iowa1

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    Big kansas 12 pt

    Dave Boland scored it. 185 4/8 gross typical and 176 net. Looks bigger than it is. beams are only 24 inches and no tine is 12 inches. Very impressive deer nonetheless.
  2. I

    Barrel Cam

    I'd say 400 is a good guess. Not many people would give a pass to a bear that size. Got a big head on him too. Areas of mixed farmland and forests like yours can produce some real giants.
  3. I

    2013 black bears

    I am working on filling out my grand slam of color phase bears. I have two chocolates and a pile of blacks, and this year I am going to a place with a very high percentage of cinnamons. It will be my third try for a cinnamon but I feel like I am going to the right place this time. The blonde...
  4. I

    Top B & C states

    The one just south of where you're sitting right now.
  5. I

    Top B & C states

    To get a true picture of the best states, it doesn't do any good to compare overall numbers of B&C bucks per state or number of hunters, etc. You have to compare B&C bucks based on the overall harvest numbers. Look at the B&C bucks per thousand bucks harvested and you will see that some of the...
  6. I

    bear hunting question

    Here's a lot of good info. I'm going to Saskatchewan in May this year. Back to Manitoba in may next year. http://www.bowhuntingroad.com/manitoba-bear-hunting/
  7. I

    Another Time Passer

    It wasn't a senior prank but back in the mid-1970's when I was in high school super glue just hit the market. We were talking about it in science class when one of the guys dared me to put some of the door lock of the principal's office. Can't believe I was that bold but yup, the principal was...
  8. I

    ATA Show

    Just got home from the ATA show and I have been reporting on new products and such. Here's the link to my blog. http://barringer.bowhuntingroad.com/ Everyone who is anyone in the hunting industry is there. Over the years, I have personally met anyone you can think of in bowhunting, plus...
  9. I

    Albino buck killed

    What saddens me is a stupid law that makes it illegal to shoot and keep a deer like that. Game laws should be based on biology not emotion.
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    Which State will be the 1st to move it's gun season out???

    Sligh you should have seen them fight against the APR in southeast MN, mostly people who don't even hunt there. Now in its third year, people are finally seeing the benefit of it. There are plenty of problems with APRs and if we could just move the season back even one week it would be huge for...
  11. I

    Which State will be the 1st to move it's gun season out???

    Here we have the Minnesota Deer Hunters Assn with their bib overalls and their chewing tobacco and they are large and powerful and fight every change the DNR tries to put into place. I would love to see the season backed up even just one week, but you have to realize we are the icebox of the...
  12. I

    Coon regulation question Iowa

    You better be able to prove that the dog you have with you can tree a coon or you are going to get a ticket.
  13. I

    No Big ones yesterday?

    Thought I would get on here Sunday morning and see a couple pics of some big bucks shot on opening day... Nothing?
  14. I

    5 year old MN buck

    In a state where 80% of the bucks are killed as yearlings, a 5-year-old is a relic. Nice job.
  15. I

    225 nontypical yesterday

    The story and photos have been submitted to realtree and should be posted on Friday. Great buck and a cool story behind it.
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