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Recent content by IowaBuckMen

  1. IowaBuckMen

    Bucks, Bobcats, and Birds!

    Haha I would definetely rub it in! I dont wanna say for sure but is it possible I have two bobcats? The daylight one seems shorter (length wise) and a bit fatter than the night time one.
  2. IowaBuckMen

    Bucks, Bobcats, and Birds!

    Just like the title says.. If these last photos were turned a little to the left you would see me and a friend flying up on fourwheelers! Couldn't tell they were all bucks until I got to the camera.
  3. IowaBuckMen

    Minnesota Bear Hunt

    We are leaving the 30th. This will be our groups 10th year going up. We got picked for zone 51 the first 6 years I believe.. Then they dropped the number of tags down drastically! 7th year the group was lucky enough to get some surplus tags in a different zone. It seems now, it will be an every...
  4. IowaBuckMen

    Locker Question

    I do our own deer in our group. Considering its all family and a few friends I charge like 20-25 a deer. Depending on how generous they feel. Try getting ahold of a friend or family member that is close to you to come and do it.
  5. IowaBuckMen

    European Mount

    Our euro's we didn't even bleach so they still have a bit of a darker stain to it but IMO it looks better. All we did was boil the flesh off in a old turkey boiler. Every half hour or so take the head out and start cutting away at the flesh. Once you get as much as you can off stick it back in...
  6. IowaBuckMen

    Youth tag

    From what I understood you can only use it for ONE of the gun seasons (shotgon or muzzleloader)
  7. IowaBuckMen

    Good Pull

    My season is over until shotgun season but I left my cameras out anyway just to see what else we had out. I got a nice bundle of pictures from the past couple weeks after I shot my buck. Pictures will get bigger if you click on them. The very last picture ever of Hot Shot Nice...
  8. IowaBuckMen

    Ten year drought is over!

    Wow, living in Iowa and waiting ten years to draw back on a buck. That must have been tough! Good job on the buck! We need pictures!
  9. IowaBuckMen


    Ive seen all kinds of activity from october 27th to november 4th. Big bucks chasing does every where. Grunting and all.
  10. IowaBuckMen

    Bleep!!! I forgot my........

    When I was ten years old I was walking out with my dad and we just got up over a hill and there was a doe standing 30 yards away. I went to go put my release on my bow and released I didn't have it... So I shot using my fingers. Nailed her. She ran like 40 yards and dropped dead. My first deer ever.
  11. IowaBuckMen

    Hot Shot is down for the count!

    Really? I was thinking total opposite. I thought he looked bigger in the trail camera pictures. He came out scoring 160 1/8. I rounded down on alot of the measurements just to make dang sure.
  12. IowaBuckMen

    Hot Shot is down for the count!

    Do they show up now?
  13. IowaBuckMen

    Hot Shot is down for the count!

    Jake, try clicking the link in my last reply. They only seem to show up here on certain browsers.
  14. IowaBuckMen

    Hot Shot is down for the count!

    Are you using chrome? It doesn't seem to work in the chrome. Heres a link to our site. http://iowabuckmen.com/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=7&p=1279&sid=e7ae963c7e74b44b6a9bd4b0d834f436#p1279 You should be able to see them on there.
  15. IowaBuckMen

    Hot Shot is down for the count!

    I had been getting pictures of this buck for the past couple weeks. He would walk by my camera and just stare at the red glow and pose. That's where he got his name hot shot. ----------------------------------------------------------- My biggest buck up to date. Passed...
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