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Recent content by jhertel

  1. jhertel

    New ground blind

    Looking for a new ground blind and looking at the rhino blinds. Is the xl worth it or is the 600 it self worth it? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. jhertel

    Winke-Brandstad Interview

    I believe Bill carries himself very well through it. I wish they would've gotten more time on film but I'm also sure Bill discussed some issues with him. If the governor feels crop damage is a big issue maybe look more towards them turkeys!! I feel they are a major cause to the damages these...
  3. jhertel

    Inventory Feed

    Was just curious to what guys put out this time of year to get inventory and see when bucks are shedded? I got a new property this year that borders an well managed and amazing chunk of ground and just curious if most just use corn or what? Also if the is any cattle/ hog feed that anyone puts...
  4. jhertel

    Big Creek/ Saylorville Area

    Was just thinking on heading down that way for the weekend to see the girlfriend and was wondering are these areas over hunted or is there any good public around there? Between that and Boone is where I'm headed so if anyone could help a guy out that would be great! There's a lot of property...
  5. jhertel

    Looking for boat!

    I have a 14 foot little Jon boat and trailer...has motor though...$600
  6. jhertel


    Doesn't look to shabby...try to keep kinks to a minimum and easiest way to set your deer stop is a pop can or even a standard canned good...don't have a lot of experience with snares but theres a lot more you could do. "Load them" etc. read every material you can get your hands on and movies
  7. jhertel

    WTB spotting scope

    Looking for a good quality spotting scope if anyone has one they don't want/need anymore. Thanks in advance
  8. jhertel

    Wild Game Buffet First Year Questions

    Here's a picture with a little additive to it :D
  9. Public


  10. Deer


  11. jhertel

    Wild Game Buffet First Year Questions

    Would hitting it with a weed eater be alright where the seeds are bad and not worry so much where things are growing decent? About how high do you usually want to mow it?
  12. jhertel

    Wild Game Buffet First Year Questions

    Got our first food plot ever in this year. We burnt most of it off and cut rest out then disced and planted. One thing we should've done is spray it but rookie mistake. With wet spring wanted to get it in and was hoping it choked weeds out but didnt work as great. Lot of broadleaf weeds...
  13. jhertel


    Just wondering where u guys get ur fertilizer or what u use? I'm in north central Iowa looking for some for a clover plot...what numbers u usually get
  14. jhertel

    Lonewolf assault and sticks

    Sold pending payment
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