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Recent content by ksbooner

  1. K

    joe I found a good flash camera. made by covert scouting cameras and called the...

    joe I found a good flash camera. made by covert scouting cameras and called the illuminator. I can get them wholesale for $105. Im gonna place an order soon. Text me if you want any or email me cause I don't check this much. 402-880-4779 or [email protected] Thanks Bud
  2. K

    If plant rye now will it mature?

    very good. I was going to put the food plot to rye in the fall but i'll just plant it now and have it control all the weeds this year and mow it late august and let it reseed itself. thanks
  3. K

    If plant rye now will it mature?

    I have a food plot all ready to go and have a drill handy now. If I plant winter annual rye now will it mature in August? I was then gonna just mow and and let it reseed but was curious if it would grow a mature head. Thanks for any advice. Cory
  4. K

    Cereal Grains and cover crops

    Best Time to Burn CRP to Kill Small Trees I have a small crp field that I want to put into a food plot. It has small locust and sumac in it. I just hacked and swirted all the locust trees. I was going to burn the crp and then have a skid loader with brush mower come in to shred down...
  5. K

    Best way to clear 20 acres of 4-6 inch locust trees?

    Am looking at buying an overgrown pasture and it is loaded with up to 4-6 inch honey locust trees. There are about 20 acres that I'd want to get into corn/soybeans next year. This tree puller skid steer attachment looks like it would be good: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrVP74cJ1JY Any...
  6. K

    Cereal Grains and cover crops

    Drought & Planting Dates Should we be putting our rye plots in earlier this year if we are in a drought? If so, how early do you think? Thanks alot!
  7. K


    Rye as a Switchgrass Cover Crop If one were to plant switch right now, would rye work with it as a cover crop?
  8. K

    Cheap Natural Salt???? Anyone Try This Stuff

    Was at Sam's buying batteries for my cameras and found this salt for $4: http://www.mortonsalt.com/products/watersoftner/white-crystal-solar.html Thought a half bag per site would be a cheap and easy attractant. Anyone try this stuff? Thanks
  9. K

    Drury outdoors, DNR roung table....great job

    Is Mark Drury a TRUE resident of Iowa.....you tell me! Ok, so I look on the drury team page and Mark says he lives in Osceola, Iowa and his daughter Taylor (just a few people down), lives in St. Charles, Missouri and Mark and his wife are not divorced: http://www.druryoutdoors.com/team.php...
  10. K

    Anyone have a Convert Reveal White Flash Camera?

    Just got a couple of them. Was curious on the battery life. Thanks alot for any info.
  11. K

    Video on Making Buck Beds

    We didn't put them any closer than 50 yards from each other. Usually 100 yards.
  12. K

    Video on Making Buck Beds

    I had a buddy that had this guy build a bunch of buck beds on his property so I hired him and we built 25 unbelievable buck beds in a day. I went to my property today and thought I'd check about 6 of them. I couldn't believe it, they are all getting used and I have to admit I am sold on them...
  13. K

    Don't Understand Party Hunting

    Just got done watching the show Whitetail Freaks and Jeremy Putnam had his girlfriend get a tag and he shot the deer with her in the blind during late muzzleloader season and she tagged it with a party tag. This seems like a bad loophole. How many tags can a guy fill party hunting with other...
  14. K

    Cereal Grains and cover crops

    Turkeyriver, I did get the rolling basket in the implement I posted. Does a great job of leveling and breaking up the clods. Very good food plot tool. Paul......great info on the rye. You have made me a believer and I have planted it every year...... thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. K

    Cereal Grains and cover crops

    Paul, This year I will be using this tool that I found on craigslist to get soil ready before I use my grain drill for my peas, rye and oats. http://www.towncountryltd.com/Freedom/seedbedfinisher.htm 2 questions: 1. How much earlier before I drill would you tear up the ground? (2...
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