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Recent content by labbrit

  1. L

    Newby headed to Davis County

    Everyone blames EHD, there are good bucks out there, there are also excuses for the people that do not want to work at it. Good luck enjoy your hunt, you still need to be in the right place at the right time and be accurate on your shot.
  2. L

    Trespasser's are back

    Do you own the land? Lease the land? I see a lot of posts where someone is complaining about trespassers and they are guest on someone else's land. A lot of times theere are gray areas on who gives out permission, parents, kids, tenants, spouse, etcc
  3. L

    want some feedback

    Great idea!!! A friend of mine thinks he is the neighborhood DNR. I could put a couple up around the neighborhood and watch him go crazy.
  4. L

    Afternoons in OCT. what time you heading out?

    I know a plumber who goes every day, his scent is terrible and he smokes in the stand. I think over time the deer get use to him and by the end of November he usually kills a big one. You should see the deer heads he has on his walls. He has done this for over 20 years.
  5. L

    how did you get it?

    My dog is half Lab and half Brittany.
  6. L

    13pt 153inch Buck Down!!!

    Did you ever take a gun safety course? Treat ever gun as though it is loaded
  7. L

    What do you sw hunters do.....

    Most hunt all the time and have the wife work double shifts at Casey's! I would put HA, but it is true in some cases.
  8. L


    Great deer, Please practice gun safety and treat every gun as though it is loaded. Not the first picture on here I have seen like this.
  9. L

    Iowa Zone 6 Public Hunting Land Assistance

    I think I would hit a couple local coffee shops in the morning in your zone. The old boys there will chat it up with anyone, explain your situation. I am sure they will have some sugestions and some may possibly own some land or point you in the right direction, buy their coffe and you will...
  10. L

    Uh, welcome to the big 10 Nebraska

    Our deer are bigger then yours, I'll take that over football any day, nuff said!
  11. L

    New guy looking for help

    Plant a lot of apple trees!
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