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Recent content by letrfly

  1. letrfly

    Gun Buck

    Well done Mike!
  2. letrfly

    AJ Is Back!

    Awesome...pretty sure he'd probably be on the top of my list!
  3. letrfly

    Sligh buck down

    Congrats, man thats a deer you keep looking at over and over
  4. letrfly

    Age Popeye Please

    I'd say he's at least 15
  5. letrfly

    Good Card Pull- 8/6/11

    Big+Tall+Mass= you got it all on that card pull!
  6. letrfly

    Mountain Lion-The Curse of the Longwalker

    great story and amazing pics...one of the best posts ive read on here on in a long time
  7. letrfly


    you wont be able to fit him in the lens for a harvest photo!! definite magnum for sure
  8. letrfly

    my first post...

    Be careful it gets addicting fast...welcome
  9. letrfly

    DNR Banning Mineral

    Fat Chance...Biologists still have people to answer too before their pay check arrives. I couldn't agree with nannyslayer more. Deer are very interactive with each other. IMO if disease shows up in Iowa it won't matter if 20 deer are sharing a salt block because they're going to have just as...
  10. letrfly

    Iowa Jackrabbit Study

    I went spotlighting on the research farm where Danny Boy and BrewCrew went nut the year before and we saw 20 some in an hour...first ones I'd seen. From what I understand golf courses and airports are the about the only places left to find them because of the often mowed short grass. The Iowa...
  11. letrfly

    Buck with slug hole

    here comes the "dead zone" convo again! :drink1:
  12. letrfly

    Antlers starting to get loose and/or drop

    my cameras have snapped pi8ctures of a few shed bucks this year
  13. letrfly

    Moving shotgun earlier

    if snow keeps hunters at home instead of being in the field...it really shows how many "hunters" only go with shotguns. ANYWAYS...i don't understand that decision at all, it's called hunting for a reason...thats why they make hunting boots and camo clothes made for the snow...it's supposed to...
  14. letrfly

    Scout guard issue

    I can't help ya but mine is a covert and it keeps taking pics that are all white...anybody know what that problem is??
  15. letrfly

    How many bucks are poached ...

    I vote against the november antlerless season as well. I know they may need it but there is plenty of time to shoot all the does you want without the Thanksgiving season. It not only messes up the bowhunters, but it educates the big boys for the regular shotty seaons...what's wrong with...
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