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Recent content by lunker99

  1. lunker99

    I’ve created a monster!!!

    I agree, quit covering it up with the magazine, lol
  2. lunker99

    Barnes Spitfire MZ bullets

    It's funny how people have different results with the same bullet. I put myself still more towards the novice end as an occasional muzzlelader hunter but had the issues you described when using polymer tipped sabots, particularly the Hornady SST's. Frequently resulted in pencil hole wounds...
  3. lunker99

    2021-22 Team Contest Score Thread (Teams)

    Since the last 3 post went in order for teams 4, 5, then 6 going to reverse the count back down, lol. Doe for team 5 if needed.
  4. lunker99

    Can you catch Covid from a whitetail deer ?

    Agree with what's been said so far that being it's a respiratory illness that should be minimal concern when handling meat. If the deer was coughing and spitting on you probably should have waited just a bit longer before gutting it, lol.
  5. lunker99

    2021-22 Team Contest Sign Up

    1. Birddown101 2. buckhunter92 3. Hardwood11 4. Entropyfx 5. Chadw. 6. Hillrunner 7. Meyeri 8. Elvis188 9. Jbohn 10. IowaBowHunter1983 11. northcedar 12. Hair&Scales 13. bowhunter365 14. Tmayer13 15. Eatsleephunt 16. Wi transplant 17. Kkoppy 18. 203ntyp 19. Sligh1 20. TimmyD525 21. showstopper...
  6. lunker99

    Pumpkins/ squash

    Here's my patch on 7/24, then again today. Been lucky so far, other than initial ground prep/fertilizer haven't had to do anything except nuking the weeds when the plants were starting to vine out. They got to canopy stage before the rain stopped and the heat hit so have weathered that well...
  7. lunker99

    Pumpkins/ squash

    JNRBRONC is correct on how hybridization works. Also giant pumpkins are a soft stem squash which will not hybridize with hard stem field pumpkins.
  8. lunker99

    Daughter’s first bird

    Congrats! Firsts are always the best.
  9. lunker99

    Des Moines Area Tree Removal

    Fellow giant pumpkin grower that does this type of work: Young's Tree Service (youngstreecare.com) Disclaimer: I've never had him do any work personally, just know that this type of work is his full time job
  10. lunker99

    3rd season hunts

    Had a couple of days to hunt for myself before the wife's vacation started on Friday. Wednesday didn't have any birds to work even though there was a group of 17 with 5 mature toms in it when I had set the blind a couple weeks ago as a potential youth season spot. Thursday morning had a tight...
  11. lunker99

    Another Bingo

    Looks like you had some good hunts this weekend! Tell the lucky hunters congrats!
  12. lunker99

    Youth Success 4/11

    Finally got out with Drew this morning for his youth hunt. Decided not to go Friday morning since he had a golf meet that day. Yesterday was a wash out with the weather here. Wasn't as nice a morning as I'd hoped with the wind putting a damper on the morning turkey talk. No gobbling on the...
  13. lunker99

    2021 Iowawhitetail Team Turkey Contest

    I like gundogs idea of signing up with his son, I'll do the same with my boy as well. He normally kills bigger ones than I do anyways, lol.
  14. lunker99

    Pheasants anyone?

    Still go out a few times a year, just enough around here in pockets to go after but the action is hit or miss on finding them. Pictured is my 14+ year old Brittany who still likes to go out but only has a couple of hours of running in the tank so hunts are pretty short. Planning on getting...
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