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    I scouted the area south of the power line pretty thoroughly, and I just told you the best spot. North of the power line, I'd love to set up right off of that field corner in that pinch point (41.364069, -92.999353). It would be a good approach from the lake, but I'm not willing to walk that far. This piece isn't hunted hard at all... tho they may come in from the private lands west of there. If you go, you'd need to find the right tree and cut some shooting lanes ASAP.

    The other is right outside of Ottumwa:
    41.045386, -92.375444

    The only place to park is right along the entrance ramp for the highway. I work right by here and wanted to find a spot i could go to right after work. I was planning on hanging a stand here until I found a farmer who gave me access. Nobody hunts this area, and there's a lot of deer. I had to call around just to make sure I could hunt it... but I know for a fact that you can!

    With this, you'll have to let me know how you do!
    I'm gonna hook u up... I'm never gonna end up sitting in these spots this year. I come from WI, where public land gets hammered. Here, public land is still damn good. Public doesn't get the credit that it deserves. During the bow seasons, I'd bet that the private gets hit harder than the public. Gun season, that's a different story. Here's two good spots I've really wanted to check out. I've found them when shed hunting. Even picked out a good tree at both. The coordinates are pretty accurate, but not exact. You'll have to go out there and find the right tree for yourself.

    Ones on Lake Red Rock near Pella:
    41.357131, -92.994581

    There is a nice intersection of heavy trails right in this area. You're lucky the lake (reservoir) is way down. Park east of there and walk in. Actually, you can take a canoe from the boat launch and go north-northwest of that spot for some even more remote terrain. If you can find a good spot north of that power line, that should be real good.
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