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Recent content by MNbuckhunter

  1. MNbuckhunter

    Food plot help

    Thanks for the responses. I have some good options here. I will let you know how it goes.
  2. MNbuckhunter

    Food plot help

    Hi guys. I haven’t posted here in a while but thought I could use some help from folks that are a lot smarter than me. We have a plot that has developed amaranth & waterhemp. It is obviously gly resistant. I have yet to plant anything at this point and was hoping to do 1/2 brassicas & 1/2...
  3. MNbuckhunter

    Best utv sprayer I’ve ever seen or run...

    What is the cost of one of these?
  4. MNbuckhunter


    Scenario. One of wettest years in history. Chance to plant Saturday with good rain expected after. BUT then no rain for 7-8 days. What would you do? PS. Had like 1-2” of rain this morning on that spot.
  5. MNbuckhunter


    What have people found for optimal planting time? I’m in SW WI basically east of Waukon across the river. Last year I planted Aug 10th because we ran into some time constraints and didn’t end up with bulbs that were that big. I’m thinking I need to plant a little earlier this year?
  6. MNbuckhunter


    Checked on ours yesterday in SW WI and it was just popping up. Should be looking solid in the next month or so. Hopefully get about 24-30” of growth this year.
  7. MNbuckhunter


    Was down at our farm in SW WI spraying plots and didnt notice any emerging switchgrass yet from my frost seeding. Weed control is great still. Hope it pops soon.
  8. MNbuckhunter


    I’m in SW WI and frost seeded switchgrass this winter. Do you think it is still safe to hit the area with roundup one more time to get the few remaining weeds killed off? I was thinking of spraying tomorrow.
  9. MNbuckhunter

    Prep for switchgrass frost seeding

    I am following dbltree’s steps for frost seeding switchgrass. The area I am converting to switch is currently in a pasture mix. I mowed it down Aug 12th but unfortunately we have had a ton of rain in SW WI and I have been unable to get the Oust/glyphosate sprayed as of yet. I was planning on...
  10. MNbuckhunter

    Rye mix question

    Skip, So do you recommend winter peas over the 4010 forge peas? I know there is quite the price difference, but have you noticed it to be worth it?
  11. MNbuckhunter

    Food Plot Question

    I will have cattle grazing the pasture until Aug 1st. At that point would I be able to spray off the pasture and broadcast brassicas for a foodplot? I do have a cultipacker, would that help get good seed to soil contact if I went over with that after broadcasting? Just curious if this method can...
  12. MNbuckhunter

    Buying Land with Retirement Account?

    Anyone here ever bought land with their retirement account? If so, how does it work and what are the stipulations? Or if someone could post a link to some information that would be great. Thanks!
  13. MNbuckhunter


    Trail cams can be such a pain in the a$$. I have had my best luck with longevity with bushnell trophy cams. We used to run a few reconyx (somehow talked the old man into getting some) and those were unbelievable! But unfortunately I am not well off enough to have a camera that is damn near the...
  14. MNbuckhunter

    Deer movement update thread

    Started hunting Nov 2. Yesterday was the worst day yet by a long shot. Dad and I sat all day and didn't see a deer after 9:00am. Talked to 3 other people hunting different areas and they hardly saw a deer move
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