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Recent content by pghbowhunter

  1. pghbowhunter

    1st September Buck back from Taxi

    I have one as well they look awesome congratulations on a great looking mount and deer.
  2. pghbowhunter

    Non whitetail trophies I've been working on

    that is some awesome work
  3. pghbowhunter

    Safety harness?

    I use a gorilla and always will it saved my life in Kansas my cables snapped on my lock on it was like a trap door.
  4. pghbowhunter

    Memorable hunt with my best friend.

    Congrats I love history with one deer. Score is out the window. If he is a mature animal he could be180 or 120 he is still a mature animal. CONGRATS!!
  5. pghbowhunter

    Back from the Taxidermist

    Congrats a true 8Pt stud. Me too love big 8s
  6. pghbowhunter

    New world starting today!!

    1st day in office he just killed 1,000s of job in Pa with a swipe of a pen. Going to be tough times coming.
  7. pghbowhunter

    Public Land

    ZONE 5 You are lucky I should have you pick my Powerball numbers. My first year took me 3 points 2nd time 4 points and this time took 5 points. It would be great to only take 3 points.
  8. pghbowhunter

    Public Land

    Thanks can't wait to get back out there
  9. pghbowhunter

    Public Land

    you too man I love it out there the people are great and the deer hunting is great. You can't get any better than that. Pa is a whole different ball game.
  10. pghbowhunter

    Public Land

    Its my 3rd time in the same location what do think he would score
  11. pghbowhunter

    Public Land

    Me Too what do you think he would score
  12. pghbowhunter

    Public Land

    I waited 5 years to get back out to Iowa to the place I love hunt. I had a great time hunting on Public Land. I saw a lots of 2 year old's and 3 year old's. On a all day sit I saw 16 different buck no shooters but a lot of up-and-comers. I had this buck at 50 yards I had no clear shot and...
  13. pghbowhunter


    Thanks Man for the feed back. I can't wait to get back out there.
  14. pghbowhunter


    Pa have are loaded where I'm at in south western PA
  15. pghbowhunter


    Thanks Man I really appreciate. Looking forward to getting back out there.
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