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Recent content by retiredmurph

  1. retiredmurph

    Balancing it all

    I just said to heck with working and retired, now all I have to do is hunt, fish, trap and sit on the porch.
  2. retiredmurph

    Tag Issue question

    Page 27 of the Iowa regs. this is the way to find out what is and is not legal. How many LOT licenses are available for each farm unit? The landowner family may receive up to four [4] Landowner-Tenant licenses: one General deer, one $2 Antlerlessonly and up to two [2] $13 Antlerless-only. The...
  3. retiredmurph

    First deer with a crossbow

    This is my first buck with a crossbow. Only a 7 pointer but has a huge body for more meat in the freezer. I've hunted deer in Iowa with a bow for 50 years. I started with a Bear recurve, then went to a compound around 1985 and now at the age of 70 with a torn up arm and broken shoulder I had to...
  4. retiredmurph

    Order yours today

    The season is getting close so you better get yours on order screen capture windows 7
  5. retiredmurph

    Hexagon Blind Build

    Looks great, are you planning on tying it down? the wind will blow over the best built blinds. We drive a 6 ft fence post in next to at least 2 legs and attach them with Large clamps.
  6. retiredmurph

    The old way...

    Old age is a terrible thing to happen to a fellow, back in 1985 when I first bought my place I walked every square foot of the 120 acres. A tree stand was a 2x12 with a notch cut in both ends and place in the V of two limbs. We had just got our first compound bow and not sure if we wanted to...
  7. retiredmurph

    Elevated groun blinds

    4DABUCKS We make our own some are made with 1 1/4 square tubing and now we are using some 3" square tubing we acquired free. I set the Boss Ladies tower on treated 4x4. Almost all our towers are 10 to 12 feet tall. I also keep my eyes open for used ladders I buy them for $10 to $20 and I can't...
  8. retiredmurph

    Elevated groun blinds

    I found the time this week to put the 1000 gallon tank up on the tower I can't wait to use this blind next year. I also scored another 1000 gallon for $100 yesterday. Time to start cutting windows. Didn't mean to take over this thread, but wanted to put out a few ideas for elevated blinds for...
  9. retiredmurph

    Another great season

    Congrats!! Way to get it done
  10. retiredmurph

    Elevated groun blinds

    Sorry for corrupting your post Gundog870 but I just wanted to give you a couple of fairly cheap ideas for an elevated blind. Here is a 500 gallon sitting on a 12 ft. tower. This blind was light enough that 4 of us raised it by hand from the back of a pickup. image upload no ads
  11. retiredmurph

    Elevated groun blinds

    I have using plastic water tanks on platforms and they work out very well. I have used several sizes from 500 gal, to 1500 gal. I paid $75 for the 500 and $300 for the 1000 Gal. Here are a few pics. showing what I do. gifs upload I first cut down one side of the door and install a piano hinge...
  12. retiredmurph

    DNR Wildlife Rules: ICN Public Meeting, Feb 25, 2015, 6 -9 PM

    Well said Daver I could not agree more. I host several youth here at my farm and we have them come down and help with setting up and moving blinds as well as working the food plots. We also have them do the scouting to pick their blind location. they need to know there is more to hunting than...
  13. retiredmurph

    Mid Contract Management

    I was told that the reason for discing was to promote weed growth. There was a big uproar by the farmers at one of the FSA meetings I attended. They said they have spent the last 30 years getting rid of weeds and now they are told they are a good thing???? It was explained that weeds such as...
  14. retiredmurph

    Republican Response

    Was that Jeff Dunham's little friend Walter sitting behind Obuma?
  15. retiredmurph

    Cross Bows in Iowa....? I hope not

    Skip while I appreciate the fact you enjoy hunting trophy deer, I must say not all deer hunters care about shooting a trophy deer. I have hunted whitetails in Iowa since 1968 so I remember the days when just seeing a deer that day was an event. I also own my own land and put in food plots...
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