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Recent content by Rutty

  1. R

    Morning hunts

    Whats your opinion on hunting mornings right now? Do you think it’s time to start logging some hours between food and bedding in the mornings or too early yet? Anybody seeing any mature bucks cruising in the mornings yet?
  2. R

    Clover help

    Need some advice on clover. I frost seeded clover into a quarter of an acre 2 or 3 years ago. I didn’t really notice much clover coming up the following year so I kind of neglected the plot. I decided I wasn’t going to put a plot there this fall. I was hanging cameras the other day and noticed a...
  3. R

    I saw that you planted winter greens by whitetail institute on a prior post. Did you have good...

    I saw that you planted winter greens by whitetail institute on a prior post. Did you have good luck with them? Did they produce big bulbs? Any better than regular brassicas and turnips? I’m looking to plant them and curious as to what you thought of them. Thanks!
  4. R

    Fertilizer on 1 acre turnips

    with some rain in the forecast for Sunday night I am planning on planting winter greens which are turnips. What kind and how much fertilizer should I broadcast when I plant? Is one application enough or do I fertilize again later?
  5. R

    Spraying Rate for Round up and 2-4d

    So if I use a pint of 2 4-d and a gallon of gly how much water should I put in my 25 gallon sprayer? And should I hit the plot in all different directions until the tank is empty?
  6. R

    Spraying Rate for Round up and 2-4d

    Going to spray a 1 acre field tomorrow and hope to plant turnips by august 1. What does everybody recommend for spraying rate? I have a 25 gallon atv sprayer that I will be using. I am planning on hitting the 1 acre going north and south and then will come back through and hit it east and...
  7. R

    2 4 d

    i always use roundup to kill off weeds before planting. I seem to always have a minor weed issue in my plots that stunt growth. Would you guys recommend 2 4 d and where can a guy buy it?
  8. R

    Gun season plots

    looking to put in one acre plot mainly for shotgun seasons and possibly late season muzzy. With only 1 acre corn and beans aren’t an option. Turnips have been hit and miss. What should I plant to gun hunt over? What’s the best late season draw besides corn and beans?
  9. R

    UTV Light Bar

    I'm looking to put extra lights on my Bad Boy Buggy. Anybody have any recommendations on good in- expensive lights? Thanks
  10. R

    Spading trees in

    I’m looking to hire somebody to bring some mature evergreens and maple or Cleveland pear trees and spade them in at my home. How big can you go with the tree spade and does anybody know who would do this. I’m about 30 minutes east of Des Moines. Thanks
  11. R

    Bad boy buggy

  12. R

    Bad boy buggy

    I have a 2015 bad boy buggy for sale. Original batteries but still running good and well taken care of. Very clean machine. $14,000 new.This one is the recoil IS. This won’t last long. $6800. Not camoflauge. I have 2 of these and will be listing the other one soon.
  13. R

    Late season food plot

    Do the deer seem to hit the rye late season? When do you normally plant it? Can you buy a bag with that mixture or do you need to buy all them separate?
  14. R

    Late season food plot

    I have a 1 acre field in between 2 chunks of timber. I have planted many consecutive years of turnips with decent success. Seems hit or miss.... some years they hit it hard other years the place is a ghost town and I think they relocate to grain. Since I haven’t rotated in a while I need to...
  15. R

    Pop up ground blinds

    Does anybody have any good recommendations on cheaper ground blinds for bow hunting deer and turkeys? I currently have a double bull blind. I love the blind but am looking for a couple more blinds that are cheaper. Do any of the cheaper blinds have the heavy fabric like the double bull blinds...
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