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Recent content by teeroy

  1. teeroy

    Smokless ml build? /suggestions.

    andy, you do know, according to the iowa dnr, you cannot shoulder that 350? with that scope on there, you will get alot of questions if you're stopped
  2. teeroy

    5x8 enclosed trailer for sale

    $1200. i can text pics. i'll try to get pics up through my phone later. dexter ia [email protected]
  3. teeroy

    Smokless ml build? /suggestions.

    i'm getting one built on a cva 45-70 single shot
  4. teeroy

    Son connected!

  5. teeroy

    .22 Recommendations for youth

    marlin 25 would be a good gun
  6. teeroy

    Hay Bale Blinds

  7. teeroy

    Northern Minnesota fishing recommendations

    Myself, my brother and his kids, my cousin and her husband are wanting to do a fishing trip end of June, or July. Renting boats, or possibly charter. Cabin rental. Targeting pike and walleye. Anybody have any favorite lakes/ lodges to suggest?
  8. teeroy

    couple guns

  9. teeroy

    Bottle cap art

    no busch light?!?!?!? lol
  10. teeroy


    tractor supply carries bee keeping equipment and books
  11. teeroy


    i might be interested. shoot me a text sometime 515-250-8041
  12. teeroy

    Any 450 bushmasters for sale?

    i might consider selling mine. shoot me a text 515-250-8041
  13. teeroy

    couple guns

    still up for grabs
  14. teeroy

    Any 450 bushmasters for sale?

    did u find one?
  15. teeroy


    how often do you get to dsm?
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