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Recent content by The Dotz

  1. T

    New little hunter born April 1st

    Brody Michael
  2. T

    Non Resident Landowner Rant

    :way: 100% Correct
  3. T

    Disgusted... Your thoughts?

    When I lived in Boone, we got busted taking horns off a dead deer on old Hwy 30. The CO made us load up the whole deer and dispose of it or we got a ticket. You have to take the whole deer and get a salvage tag.
  4. T

    First time for everything.

    I normally wait it out if I have deer around me I had no idea he was there.
  5. T

    First time for everything.

    7:15 is 30 min after sunset so I couldn't shot anymore anyway.
  6. T

    First time for everything.

    Had a first time experience today. I was in my stand getting frustrated cause I haven't seen a deer in 3 days. So at 6:45 I did a little sparing session and as soon as i was done, I heard movement in the cornfield. So I waited and waited and nothing. I was guessing it was one of the 10 coons...
  7. T

    some anonymous pics

    It's a D55-IR, I have 3 of them.
  8. T

    Homemade Mineral Mix Recipe

    One other thing you can add is dried molasses. You can buy it at a feed store and they love it. I combine it with the same ingredients as above.
  9. T

    Screw This....

    Im gonna go out this afternoon. With all the melt Im gonna try to stalk some deer. Should be some fresh tracks. Walk a couple miles and get a little exercise. It should be fun, hell maybe I will find some sheds. Dotz
  10. T

    Poachers and Trespassers!

    Hell look at the DNR website. 7 caught poaching. What really sucks is one was taken 1/2 mile from where I bow hunt. I got him on cam. That SUCKS!!!
  11. T

    How big?

    Where Im from in SW Iowa. You need at least 2000+ acres. Not enough woods to hold deer to a area. I guess it all depends on cover.
  12. T

    Seven Caught Poaching Deer

    Better yet one of the kids was busted last year for shooting a pheasant out the window next to a State Park.
  13. T

    Seven Caught Poaching Deer

    Ya this really sucks. I hunt 1/2 mile from where one of the Bucks were killed. They shot the deer, cut the head off and left the rest. From what I heard the biggest of the bucks was a 12pt with a drop tine and will score over 160.
  14. Big Ole Boy

    Big Ole Boy

    Hopefully I can get a shot at this guy. He's been hanging around.
  15. Big Ole Boy

    Big Ole Boy

    Hopefully I can get a shot at this guy. He's been hanging around.
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