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Recent content by TimmyD525

  1. TimmyD525

    2021-22 Team Contest Sign Up

    I’ll give it a shot, timmyd525, feel dumb but my phone won’t give me the option to copy the running list! Sorry! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. TimmyD525

    “Hunting shows” - net positive or negative?

    I agree with negative overall, way more unrealistic shows that you can get your hands on that taints many people’s views on what they can expect. I only watch things where I can learn tactics and a majority are public hunting shows, agreed with many The Hunting Public is just awesome, they show...
  3. TimmyD525


    Was hoping someone had a simple success story like this, I’ll give this a shot I think. I hate having to wash clothes every time so really Like this idea. Last two years I had been scattering my clothes in my truck and running the cigarette ozone machine but I just have a feeling it’s not...
  4. TimmyD525


    Question for guys that use ozone to see if anyone has tried this, but been wanting to get some form of an ozone machine to rid my clothes of odor on the go a little easier, question is does the ozone machine hunting bag combo have a specific advantage over a generic ozone machine just thrown in...
  5. TimmyD525

    Movement in the heat

    Congrats to your Dad, my dad was hunting a different farm this evening and didn’t see anything. Had to slow down about 6 times to let deer cross the road in the way home so seems like they waited until basically darkness in the immediate area today
  6. TimmyD525

    Movement in the heat

    Thanks for the input, update from this evenings hunt, had an 8 pt work a scrape on the field edge and work thru the draw paralleling the bean field at 4:50, and that was all I saw all night.
  7. TimmyD525

    Movement in the heat

    Yeah I’m sitting a spot I’ve never sat before at a pinch down in a dried up creek bottom leading out to some cut beans. Kind of banking on some last 30 min action, I’ll keep you guys posted what time I start seeing movement. Lot fresh tracks down here
  8. TimmyD525

    Movement in the heat

    Hey guys last day of my pre rut vacation so hunting this afternoon no matter the weather. Curious everyone’s experience with movement of mature deer during heat early on in the rut? Normally where I hunt south winds always seem to kill deer movement, but with it being nov 3 hoping it trumps...
  9. TimmyD525


    Elimitick has worked awesome for both my dad and I for the last 3 years. Used to always get them where we hunt, haven’t had a single one on me in years with the stuff. I only wash them a few times a year to ensure I don’t remove the resistant chemicals. It cost me 100 bucks for a full suit. I...
  10. TimmyD525

    question on Turkey broadheads

    Yeah it was a strange deal, just killed the arrow, knocked off a few feathers and was standing almost straight up in the ground. Even had it on film. Could have been a fluke, I think I’ll give it one more shot with the smaller fixed blades unless I hear more horror stories like mine
  11. TimmyD525

    question on Turkey broadheads

    Been trying to get my first bird using a bow the last few years, haven’t gone out and researched if I need a special broadhead or if my 1 1/4 fixed montecs I use on deer should work. I did get a shot two years ago on a bird with a montec and it just glanced off and stuck in the ground so I’m...
  12. TimmyD525

    Wicked Ridge Warrior Crossbow Package

    Hey all my dad is selling his wicked Ridge crossbow, 3 bolts, and hardcase with sling. Shot approximately 50 times. Asking for $350. Check out the photos on Craigslist here https://desmoines.craigslist.org/spo/d/mitchellville-wicked-ridge-crossbow/6969165327.html
  13. TimmyD525

    Gun Pushing Deer Hunters VS Stand, management & bowhunters....

    I hunt both ways and got into hunting from my dads group of friends. Love bow hunting but the anticipation of meeting the guys at the cabin for drinks and discuss the next days deer drive tactics is equally enjoyable but in a totally different way. I bow hunt for mature deer but make sure I get...
  14. TimmyD525

    Camouflaging tree stands

    We built a pvc square with 45 degree turns on each corner and mounted under each ladder stand platform. 3/4 inch tubing and was about six inches sticking out of the 45's, did not work well for us though, the branches always fell out in high wind and made noise when you walked on your platform...
  15. TimmyD525

    Opinions on scent control

    I had a similar experience to your year, I switched my scent control method from washing my clothes after every couple sits, to assuming the little Boneview Ozone tote machine I bought would clean them for me. I got winded way more than I ever have, of course it was when they were down wind of...
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