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Recent content by Trapshooter1

  1. T

    Need RWS 1081 Musket caps

    Bought a Traditions Striker fire muzzleloader Northwest Magnum on an auction about a month ago. Been trying to make the gun shoot consistently. Shooting CCI 0300 musket caps it only lights off about 2/3 of the time in the first squeeze. Called traditions they reccomend 1081s. Have called...
  2. T

    The "orange army"

    I started hunting as part of the "Orange Army". From there developed a love to hunt. Was tagging along with Dad and Grandpa gun hunting since I was 12 years old. I still enjoy to gun hunt with the family group. As a bow hunter, Am not a huge fan of how some people shoot everything during the...
  3. T

    Standing Corn killing my rut action

    Around both of my best spots. I've got about 500 acres of corn standing within 1/4 mile of both spots. Still been seeing a few good bucks(150s) but nothing fantastic. I know there's bigger deer living in the area. But ever since Oct 25, They've vanished, assuming just hanging out in the...
  4. T

    Standing Corn Buck Kill

    Saturday evening a neighbor text me and said he s got a big buck in his corn, chasing and tending does. (Less than a mile from my house) I said I'm in. So I got together with a friend Sunday morning(Figured 2 people would have a better chance with 30 acres of standing corn. We pull in the field...
  5. T

    Bought a traditions vortek strikerforce Northwest edition ................

    Bought CCI 0300 musket caps from a local gun store. The gun strikes the caps pretty hard, but it takes 2 strikes to make the cap ignite the T7 powder. Once in awhile itll go off on the first strike but not often. So I called traditions and asked about this and they reccomended RWS 1081 caps for...
  6. T

    Need Help guys First time Muzzleloader owner

    So I bought a Traditions Vortek strikerfire on an estate auction. Got a pretty fair deal. The gun has a musket nipple breach, So I'd Iike to change it over to shoot 209 primers. What traditions breach do I need???
  7. T

    Cell Cam Trail Cams

    Alright I have US cellular,(Which seems like the ugly girl at school) when it comes to getting a decently priced cell cam to match my provider. I've seen the Spartan cams obviously but don't feel like spending 400-500 dollars a cam. I'm alright with 120-170 dollars a cam. What do you guys have...
  8. T

    First Hunt on my first farm

    Had a pretty good sit. 6-7 Does and 3-4 bucks, Nothing big tonight. Little bit of sparring a half hour before it got dark, and a little chasing. Makes a guy excited for what is to come.
  9. T

    October cold front

    Have checked a few cams. Most pictures I have are all at night right now. And the mosquitos darn near run me out of there. I'll wait till the latter part of October bout Oct 25th, Sounds about right to me. Hopefully mosquitos are froze by then. Lol. When I was in high School, I used to hunt...
  10. T

    Best Late Season Food Sources???

    This is the first year of having my own property to hunt, And was wondering what you guys have luck with late season??? Probably will be hunting late muzzleloader season. The current producer of the tillable acres on the property was kind enough to let me buy 2-2.5 acres of standing beans from...
  11. T

    Question on land owner tags

    Guys forgive me for the stupid questions. So bear with me. This will be my first year as a land owner in Iowa. I have some questions about land owner tags. As a resident I always buy the Archery Resident Tag, and Gun 1 Tag(Both any sex) (I ll have to get registered first) So as a land...
  12. T

    Ill talk about the first farm since its locked up now.

    So the farm is 117 acres. 23% timber(River bottom) and the tillable land has an average of 76.5CSR2. Which is slightly better than our counties average CSR2. For the tillable I feel like I got a fair deal(Not a great deal but fair)Tillable here is bringing 115-135/CSR2. And I didn't pay that...
  13. T

    Bought my First Farm

    Made an offer on a tract 2 days a go. And they called back this morning and accepted!! Not going to release to many details, Because theirs a lot of things to iron out yet. Things I will share Its a combination Timber/Tillable farm. Which works great for me because I love to hunt and farm...
  14. T

    Coyote problem

    Been working on it. Best day has been 7 in a day. Average bout 3 in a day
  15. T

    Dads Shotgun Buck

    A very big 8 pointer, Brow tines are 11 and 13.5 inches long, biggest brows I've ever seen. (Pretty Sure I haven't posted this before) Buck was shot in 2019(Got mount back late in 20) Dad only gets to hunt a weekend a year, So I am Very happy for him. Congrats on a STAG of an 8 pointer.
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