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Recent content by Wapsi Tree Rat

  1. W

    Can you catch Covid from a whitetail deer ?

    Thank you for putting science in quotes.
  2. W

    Can you catch Covid from a whitetail deer ?

    Daver might be at risk.
  3. W

    The "orange army"

    Well I don't see what could go wrong there?! Idiots like that need to be stopped. Possibly make it well known you are leaving the area for the day and have someone else bird dog them and call it in. I don't know, but I'd find a way to end that yesterday.
  4. W

    Early lockdown?

    Cold front is actually Wednesday with early morning high temps and falling throughout the day. Wednesday evening could be good.
  5. W

    Air show tomorrow

    Quit being so negative. At least you got a good check on wind direction. :rolleyes:
  6. W

    Air show tomorrow

    Looked like a squadron of f-22 raptors. How did it look from the stand? Is it illegal to drive deer with fighter jets?
  7. W

    Improving Website??? - Ideas, input, suggestions.....

    Agree! It should look something like this!
  8. W

    2021 Hunting stories

    Filled my anterless tag on Oct 3 and then stayed out of the timber for 3 weeks. Had 3 good bucks, 165+, on camera regularly Aug and September. High hopes dwindled rather quickly. 20 hrs on stand produced only 1sighting of a 3 yr old from Oct 23 through Nov 5th. Only laid eyes on 5 bucks...
  9. W

    COVID deer

    Vaccine laced broadhead mandate is coming soon.
  10. W

    COVID deer

    I depends a little bit on circumstances. If its a double lung and partial heart shot, then yes, it would be considered a Covid death.
  11. W

    Getting busted...

    Where can I get me some Eye Jammer?
  12. W

    Dumb question.....but maybe not.

    I think you are spot on it Ishi! 179 views, 1 comment, and 1 can of worms. Apparently a LOT of guys are using cell cams but don't much want to talk about it. ;)
  13. W

    Dumb question.....but maybe not.

    Reading through the Iowa DNR regs tonight and this I have seen before but I don't do it so never gave it much thought. Then after reading a few posts tonight (not picking on anyone here) it got me wondering. This is pretty straight forward... USE OF CB, MOBILE TRANSMITTER, CELL PHONE You...
  14. W

    Views from the stand 2021-22

    Couple weeks ago, unbelievable sunrise. Picture doesn't do it justice.
  15. W

    What broadheads you use?

    I scoffed at my son when he dropped almost $50 on grim reapers. He shot a doe a couple weeks ago. Double lung clean pass through and buried the reaper in the dirt. After rinsing it off it appears to still work perfectly....and I shaved arm hair with every blade. I know what I'm droping 50...
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