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Recent content by Windlooker

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    5 Bucks in 5 years with a combined gross score of 970"

    Don’t care. Outside the norm is all I’m sayin. Lee Lakosky and the Drurys have done the same. We don’t care cause we know their situation. This is similar, I guarantee. That’s all
  2. W

    5 Bucks in 5 years with a combined gross score of 970"

    Absolutely. Look at the a whitetail properties crew. 99.9 percent of hunters will never put eyes on a 200 inch deer in a lifetime. Im sure he’s special. Lol
  3. W

    5 Bucks in 5 years with a combined gross score of 970"

    Really. It’s called access to thousands of acres of property. Whether through money or profession. Finding a 200 inch deer and having the access to kill it. I have awesome land in Iowa and have seen one 200 in deer in 20 years. If you break this down it’s laughable. Good for him but it has...
  4. W

    5 Bucks in 5 years with a combined gross score of 970"

    Lol. This thread is being avoided due to the obvious. Kudos to the membership here.
  5. W

    The "orange army"

    Furthermore, the REALITY is hunting was never intended to grow trophy deer through land acquisition and patrol. The science behind it is to maintain healthy levels through conservation knowing that most folks don’t own enough land to manage their own deer or don’t own at all. Those who get...
  6. W

    Winke bought a new Farm!

    Question is did he kill a deer after sleeping in the woods ? Didn’t watch the podcast
  7. W

    The "orange army"

    Yea, yea,yea.
  8. W

    The "orange army"

    Unless you’re NRLO. Lol. The shots are called for you despite all the cost of owning land as cited by Daver.
  9. W

    The "orange army"

    Who owns the small rec parcels?? In my area it’s residents and outfitters. Gonna be interesting in my block this year as an outfitter just took over 1000 ac that a family group drove every weekend of both gun seasons. Need some popcorn
  10. W

    Rut timing/warm weather hunts.

    It’s more of he knows where to be and when to be.
  11. W

    Dumb question.....but maybe not.

    Cell cams cross the ethical line. Period. Of course people get the photo email and go hunt the nearest stand. Its not fair chase to know where a deer is real time. It’s common sense. I can’t get a call that my target buck is on the west side of my farm but I can get an email ?? Lol. Come on
  12. W

    Early lockdown?

    The rut is a little more challenging compared to predictable early season feeding patterns and the late season uncut bean field as the only food source in the county in mid January. Lol. I’d hate the rut too
  13. W

    What broadheads you use?

    Well. There’s pros and cons to both. The larger cutting diameter slows the Rage but it does penetrate the scapula. In reality no broadhead is moving through 8 in of gel. I know it’s relative all the heads are shot in the gel. A field point, with no drag, would probably pass completely...
  14. W

    Dual permission

    Really. I’ve killed many “running animals”. Keep in mind the DNR has a harvest goal that is achieved by gun hunting that includes driving deer. Archers hunting the rut aren’t getting it done numbers wise. Btw I prefer archery hunting. If goals aren’t met alternative methods/seasons are...
  15. W

    Binocular recommendations

    I have the Nikon Monarch 7. 500 bucks. Have treated me well.
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