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Recent content by Windwalker

  1. Windwalker

    Red cedars

    Planting trees along a fence is ok. Just remember they grow quick .Measure a mature tree and make sure you far enough back it’s not grown in the fence in 10 years.
  2. Windwalker

    Red cedars

    When the first frost is out and snow melts no need to dig them, the small ones pull like a tough weed.Just toss in a bucket or old protein tub full of water.To replant just make a slot with a spade and stomp on both sides after placing the roots in to the right height. I carry a puddy knife to...
  3. Windwalker


    That’s a great rate. I think there’s a first farmer loan with1% ?
  4. Windwalker


    200 dollar plus camera and trespassing, yep night in jail and a fine.
  5. Windwalker


    Had one wearing a COVID mask and sunglasses. Had a stolen trail camera.in one hand checking his prize. Other trail cam got the pic.Guy was just taking the cards.Decided to start taking cameras. Still pondering on putting the guy in jail.......
  6. Windwalker

    3D shoots 2021

    Is there a list of Iowa and surrounding state 3D outdoor summer shoots. With COVID seems to be a safe outside getaway.
  7. Windwalker

    Hornets Nest

    Be fun to watch from a safe distance
  8. Windwalker

    Post labor day refelections

    Cool misty mornings feel like Oct. Tree leaves were turning yellowish from being dry, it’s 43 out had a Winter coat on! No snow like out west! Weatherman said last time it was this early was the 1800s ! Mind shifted to bowhunting !
  9. Windwalker

    My bow kill

    Nice congrats
  10. Windwalker

    Rut Activity SW Iowa

    Getting close seeing bucks hit at night on Highway they are moving at night. A week it will start.
  11. Windwalker

    Vacation ideas?

    Can relate to the softball ,baseball seasons . Basketball volleyball track and XC. Farming arggg vacation is a dirty word around here. Quick nice vacation would be Eminence Mo. it’s closer to you . Grab a cabin on Jacks fork. Nice clear river spring fed. One of the pretty places on earth.Think...
  12. Windwalker

    Which Does are best to shoot?? Old, young, etc?

    I think the old doe ,runty fawn is true .Like the first fawn is small also. Nice having the old tame does ,nothing like driving a truck past them with out looking up from grazing.
  13. Windwalker

    Olivias first bird - video added

    Puff and done.What was the am temp 14?
  14. Windwalker

    A little late?

    Few still carry around turkey season but their hair sure gets ratty and falling out.
  15. Windwalker

    Big 9 repaired

    Wow unreal repair! Like the pred. Camo vest.
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