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Do not listen to this advise. That's like saying buy a brand new car because it will be worth more to trade in. Doesn't make any financial sense whatsoever.
Depending on what you get it will be worth more you goofball.

For me, money isn't a big factor, but I'm kind of in the same boat, with a wife that kind of wants to participate in archery but I don't know how interested she really is. Biggest thing I think is to get something that fits, and if they want to upgrade in the future to something a little better, they will make that call if that's where their interest takes them.
And if there interest doesn't take them there? You're stuck with a bow that nobody else is gonna want either. Why pay 100 for used when I can the same thing brand new for not that much more.
Spending the money up front in something that depreciates quickly takes away from the opportunity to pursue good upgrades yourself,
''Cause that's really what this is about isn't. How will I lose out by purchasing something for my family
or for her in the future. Archery equipment is no different than golf equipment, buy it new, and the second you walk out the door it's worth half or less. I am going to look for a good used hoyt ruckus or a used mission craze.
My whole point in suggesting that if you spend a little more on your wife she may enjoy it that much more and stick with it. And if she doesn't, well you spent 600+ on a bow you can sell or trade for 400 or better.
Or, you can go the less expensive route spend 300 hundred on a bow and have to upgrade in 2 years for another 600. Now your 900 hundred into it with a bow that has little aftermarket value. And how much does that leave for upgrades then? I guess if money isn't a factor then it doesn't matter.

Sorry for the rant. Not really...
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