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Understood. We only take it to that level if we really feel the person is doing something illegal. If you have driven by just a handful of times we’ll wave ya down with a friendly wave. Or if you’re parked pull up beside ya and say hi and chat. Seldom have we had to jump right to stopping people. That’s taking it to the extreme, we don’t go there until we have had enough and there’s reason to take it there [emoji846].

I hear what you're saying, but man... I moved to a neighboring county from the one I grew up in, but I still often hunt my old home county. Due to my out of county plates, my vehicle has been vandalized and I have been verbally and physically confronted, while I've been in my truck. Never when I've been out and on foot, but always while I'm in my vehicle. I've got a good idea of why that is and it makes me laugh. The last time it happened, I was pulled over on the side of a gravel road, where I had reception, and was talking to my father on my cell phone. Some old boy pulled up and started reading me the riot act. "Who the F are you?! What the F are you doing out here?!" It pissed me off a bit, but little did he know that I was holding my phone in my left hand and had my right hand on my sidearm. He'd already identified himself as being a hostile asshole, had he taken any further action, he would have been a dead hostile asshole. It ain't worth it boys...
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