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Search results

  1. 203ntyp

    The “survivors” & leaving cams up...

    Todays the last day of the PA late season and here's a couple survivors including my target buck. That's if he doesn't get whacked this evening!
  2. 203ntyp

    Winter success on hunt to remember....

    Sorry to hear, glad you got him out for one last memorable hunt. Life is too short no matter what your age is.
  3. 203ntyp

    176 CRP- DWGH Farm Projects Thread

    I know the feeling, came close this year on my target buck as well.
  4. 203ntyp

    176 CRP- DWGH Farm Projects Thread

    That 1st buck is a stud, love the mass. Hope he returns as a mega giant and the cat wins!
  5. 203ntyp

    Coyote problem

    That's crazy, at least 8 in that photo. Hate to imagine how many pups will join the pack this year! I'm starting to have a coyote issue for the 1st time ever. I used to get a pic or two every couple years in late winter when they're breading but this year there here year round now and get pics...
  6. 203ntyp

    Bowmar at it again....

    Past is past, don't dwell on it and move on instead of digging up dirt. I'd bet the majority of hunters did something in their younger and dumber years that would be a violation and never got caught, minor or not, me included. But I'm all grown up now :D
  7. 203ntyp

    What to plant in my wetland area

    Just curious, can buttonbush be planted as seeds? What's the growth rate? I have some wet areas I would like to see some cover in also.
  8. 203ntyp

    The “survivors” & leaving cams up...

    I run one or two cameras year long. Mainly to see how long some hold and when they start to sprout new antlers plus any other surprises that show up.
  9. 203ntyp

    Thoughts on Facebook, in general and for here?

    I had the same thing happen a few months ago, all my texts vanished for no apparent reason. I was furious but unable to find an answer that worked on the web, I'm using an Android and do not have any apps other than what came on the phone. I even deleted a lot of those apps that came on the...
  10. 203ntyp

    Button Buck Biology

    I found this article interesting even though I was aware of their behaviors but thought others that have not read this particular article might find it useful. https://www.huntstandmedia.com/hunting/scoutdoors/posts/21502/the-benefits-of-learning-about-button-buck-biology
  11. 203ntyp

    That’s a wrap!!!!! Thoughts? Up next?

    2020 was a rollercoaster ride and a chess match hunting. Been after the biggest buck that I've ever seen on my hunting grounds since the beginning of October. There's a week left for 2nd archery here and he is still staying around his core area. I had some close encounters with him, one was the...
  12. 203ntyp

    Fox Catching Mouse video added

    I messed up, hope this works.
  13. 203ntyp

    Fox Catching Mouse video added

    Thought this was kind of cool to have a fox catching a mouse during daylight.
  14. 203ntyp

    Success rate during different weapon seasons.

    By far my success rate is much higher in archery season, probably 85% but I haven't hunted with a firearm for over 20 years. That's by choice since I hate gun season. I had success with firearms years ago and mostly during the last few days of the season when the pressure dropped off, maybe 35%...
  15. 203ntyp

    Thoughts on Facebook, in general and for here?

    All the social media crap out there is the root of all the unrest and the kindling that fuels the fire and divisions in our country as far as I'm concerned. I'm been saying it for years and never joined any of them. This hunting forum is the only site I participate in for good reason!
  16. 203ntyp

    2020 Indiana Buck

    Very nice! I love MASS!!!
  17. 203ntyp

    Dads Shotgun Buck

    Awesome brows!
  18. 203ntyp

    Looking for contacts.

    You may not get much of a response on this site. Private land is precious and tuff to find when residing out of state. I recommend putting an add in a couple papers in the area you're interested in. We did that to find private land in Illinois and got a few responses, turned out very well for...
  19. 203ntyp

    2020 archery buck

    Beautiful buck Muddy! At least your glasses stayed on your nose ;) My first archery buck I hit a main artery, does them in pretty quick!
  20. 203ntyp


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