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Search results


    Maxima Hunter 350

    Hey all, I'm trying to find anyone with the Maxima Hunter 350 arrows. Cabela's and bass pro and amazon don't have them. I can't find them anywhere. Are they still being made or am I going to have to switch arrows.

    Late Rain for Food Plots

    Good morning all. With the drought that many of us had what's everyone's thoughts on their food plots. I planted mine the end of July and didn't have any rain until September. We just got .33 inches yesterday. My turnip plots are all about 2 inches tall. It looks like next week is supposed...

    Weekend Plots

    Whose putting them in this weekend. I am finishing up with 4 1/4 acre plots and I will hopefully be done. Rain is supposed to be here on Sunday.

    Electric Fence question

    I am looking at putting electric fence around a couple of my food plots that I will try to keep the deer out of so they don't mow it down like they did last year. What brand and what size of voltage have you used? Also are there other ways out there that people have tried and had success...

    Ideas on Spring Plots

    I planted 5 acres of beans last year, which I didn't fence off first year owning the farm and lesson learned, and the deer demolished them. Went back in and put in Horny Buck Seed, 3 different varieties, they were coming in awesome then we had 16 inches of rain in august and september and it...

    Muzzleloaders for sale

    12 g camo knight model tk2000 50 cal wood knight model disc604w 50 cal composite Knight model K93802TJ 45 Cal Disc Elite Knight Model DL656c 50 cal 209 Wood Mustang Breakaway 45 cal Composite ULA Model 20 50 cal Savage Model 10 LBSSII 50 Cal Knight Model k902cp 50 cal...

    Bows and accessories for sale

    Hey all I've had a friend pass away and I'm trying to help out his widow sell some of his hunting stuff. I posted it in the for sale area. Please take a look.

    Bows and accessories for sale

    Hey all I recently had a friend pass away and I'm trying to help out his widow by selling some of his hunting stuff. Cabelas Alaskan Pack Frame $125 (brand new) Hoyt XV Bow $50 (NEW) Firebrand Discovery Bow $250 Wasp Broadheads $20 (NEW) Carolina Single Pin Sight $20 (new)...

    Pictures Stolen from this Website

    I've been helping a buddy try to find some land to buy. So the other day I'm looking at pictures of some land and talking to him on the phone when I come across a picture of my food plot that I had posted on here. I am kind of angry about it as they have now put their label on this picture and...

    Double 1st season and Wife's 3rd season bird

    To say that 1st season was a struggle is an understatement. The weather played havoc on the birds. It wasn't an easy hunt with rain, snow, freezing temps, hurricane winds but the last day proved to be a great day. My buddy and I set up on a couple birds in the roost, but to have them fly down...

    Once in a life time picture

    A buck called Rus as he is all Mass but young he was named as he looks like a ShiRus Moose. And a bobcat with a squirrel in his mouth in our food plot. Thought it was pretty cool.

    Knight Revolution

    I am looking to sell my Knight Revolution. Asking $400 for it. Let me know if you are interested.

    Would you Rather

    eat tag soup or shot a deer to fill a tag that is a 3 year old that has potential?

    Youth Model Muzzleloaders

    Thinking of buying my daughters a muzzleloader. Which model and brand would you recommend? Also can you suggest the amount of powder and also the bullet you would recommend? Thanks.

    WTB a used bow

    I am looking for a used bow with a 28 inch draw link. ITs for a first time hunter please PM me.

    Food Plot Success

    We have been working on this property for some time to make it, 1) easier to hunt and 2) to put in food plots to hold the deer. Lots of hard work have gone into this plot and we finally have had some success. We actually wanted to put a plot in this old water way for sometime and last year...

    Hunting Trip is Almost Here

    I bought a 2 day teal and dove hunt to Habitat Flats. Leaving on Sunday. Anyone else been Here??

    Bucks I know well

    Here a two bucks I've had pictures of for 3 years and have the shed for the last 2 years. Are they shooters?

    The Foggy Bottom Bird

    I took my wife and a good friend hunting on Sunday. Got set up in the fog between 2 big timber's. This was the first time hunting this piece and it won't be the last. Birds came off the roost around 6:15 and my wife had her 4th season bird by 6:30. She made a great shot. Not really much to...

    Took a Rookie and we Doubled

    My buddy who owns some ground has never been turkey hunting. Didn't even have a shotgun, so I let him borrow one that I had. We got to the field around 5:00 and to the spot I wanted to set up on his land. Needless to say we were in the money. There were 7 to 10 gobblers going crazy this...
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