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Search results

  1. iowavf

    Leopold 3 x 9x 40 Ultraslam scope

    I have a Leopold Ultra Slam muzzle loader/shotgun scope with the BDC. I bought it new and still have the box. It's silver in color. $200. text me,7122493041, or email me: [email protected] if interested.
  2. iowavf

    45 cal Thomson Center encore for sale

    Selling my 45 cal TC Encore ML. Stainless with black stock and forearm, Leupold 3 x 9 x 40 Ultra Slam scope with BCD reticles, silver. I have about 55 rounds of Barnes Expander 195 gr with Harvester sabots, powder, several speed loaders, bullet tubes, pre powder measure tubes to carry into the...
  3. iowavf

    Blackhorn 209

    Has anyone seen any of it for sale anywhere? I’m going to need some more due to having to remount my scope per warranty work and maybe close to running out for deer seasons.
  4. iowavf

    Ruger SR40 bitone for sale

    I have a Ruger SR40, bitone with 4 1/2" barrel, 2 15 round mags and 8 boxes of ammo. I bought it new, can send pics if anyone's interested. Need to have a weapons permit to purchase. $275 takes it all. 712-249-3041. Atlantic. SOLD
  5. iowavf

    Handgun for deer

    I'm hunting a new area this year and moved my blind there permanently. I don't have the wide open space like before and out one side of the blind it's about 50 yards to the edge of the tree line. Couple times during hunts I've noticed the deer will come out of the tree line and it just won't...
  6. iowavf

    How long you've been deer hunting

    Other thread got me wondering how long some have been hunting? I've been deer hunting for 47 years and have seen a lot of changes. Remember waiting for the envelope in the mail to see if you got a tag and what it was for. Went from seeing low deer numbers to high deer numbers, then back to...
  7. iowavf

    Home made blinds

    Didn't want to hi jack the other thread with the nice blind so I was curious as to what type of home made blinds others have? I had a smaller one I could load in my truck and move but decided to make a bigger one. Used insulated window panels they were throwing away at work and they were...
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