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Search results

  1. fatboy

    Dumbest Poacher of 2019

    Big antlers can make people do stupid things. https://www.themeateater.com/hunt/whitetail-deer/the-dumbest-poacher-of-2019
  2. fatboy

    Old One Eye is Home

    Picked up my 2019 archery buck from Brian Reinertson yesterday. Brian did a great job of capturing the character of this deer. Reinertson Custom Taxidermy. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  3. fatboy

    Happy Veterans Day

    Happy Veterans Day to all my brothers and sisters. Training warriors today, so what a better way to celebrate!! Good luck to all that can take advantage of a day off and be in the stand.
  4. fatboy

    2 Nov 2019 Buck (Pics Added)

    As I posted this spring, I have been away from bow hunting for 10 years due to adulthood getting in the way. Bought a new bow and started getting it sighted in and practice. Got stands set up and waited for the season to start. I hunt SW Warren County and with all the talk of EHD in the area, I...
  5. fatboy

    Buck Hollow Sports

    As many of you on this site know, Boyd is a top notch guy and sponsor of this site. Just wanted to send a shout out to him for the help a few weeks ago. Life had gotten in the way and I had been out of the bow hunting game for awhile. I contacted Boyd to set up a time to come down to his shop to...
  6. fatboy

    Dicks continues to step on their.......

    No big deal to me since I have only stepped in one of their stores once and was not impressed. https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/dicks-will-remove-hunting-rifles-from-125-stores-170829124.html
  7. fatboy

    Deputy issued citation for unlawful possession of Whitetail deer antlers

    GREENE COUNTY, Iowa -- On November 3, 2018, a DNR Conservation Officer received a call from a man who came upon a scene of a woman who had hit a deer on N Ave. between 185th and 190th streets in Greene County. The man waited for a sheriff’s deputy to arrive. Once the deputy arrived, the man...
  8. fatboy

    Look Who Made the Cover

    Opened my mailbox yesterday afternoon and the Jackson family was on the cover of our local suburb magazine. Was also a great article on Rjack, Drew and Dakota. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  9. fatboy

    Wetlands Reserve Program

    Has anyone purchased a property that is in the WRP? I have looked at several online and they can be purchased cheaper, but also you cannot make income off the property or build on it. You can put in food plots though. Just wanted to hear other feed back if any...
  10. fatboy

    Iowa DNR Listening Meeting Feb 21st

  11. fatboy

    Veterans Day

    Thank you to all who have served and that are serving our great country! I still love going to work every day training our warriors. Happy Veterans Day!
  12. fatboy

    Happy Veterans Day!

    Happy Veterans Day to those that have served and still serving this great country! Even though it is Veterans Day, I will be spending it training the great warriors who protect us from evil abroad and within.
  13. fatboy

    Veterans Day

    Thank you to all that have served or serving our great country! Even though I do not have the day off, I am training Warriors the next two weeks, which takes me out of the woods, but is a very rewarding job anytime of the year.
  14. fatboy

    Prayers needed

    Monday night one of our ball players lost consciousness during the game and needed to be revived. Thanks to quick action by a fan and the trainer who saved his life. A facebook page has been set up to send prayers for Matt and his family. "Prayers for Matt Shaver"...
  15. fatboy

    GoPro Camera

    Just wanting to know if anyone has used a GoPro camera to film any of their hunts? I don't film my hunts and thought if I pick one up for other uses's.
  16. fatboy

    At least one state is doing something

  17. fatboy

    Discount on ThemaCell Heated Insoles

    I you go to ThermaCell's site and order their heated insoles, at the checkout enter "SCOUTLOOK" and save 20%. I think there only several days left on this discount.
  18. fatboy

    Tough Week

    This is the week that I mostly take off to hunt, but due to some health issues with my younger son my heart is not in it this year. I never even hung any stands or contacted a new land owner in one of the best counties in the state to follow up hunting his farm. My son has been poked and prodded...
  19. fatboy

    Richard Leopold take job with U.S.Fish and Wildlife Services

    http://www.desmoinesregister.com/article/20100818/NEWS/8180365/1001/NEWS/DNR-chief-resigns-to-take-federal-job I have to say I am not really sorry to see him go.
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