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Search results

  1. SB3

    Rough Winter

    I'm just below the state line in MO and damn it's been a sheet of ice and snow since Christmas. Especially bad since we worked so hard and had the most quail sighting last summer than ever before. Corn and beans are gone, alfalfa and clover ate down to the nub and covered, they're digging hard...
  2. SB3

    IW Gear

    Thanks Skip! We love the new Iowa Whitetails hoodie, shirts and stickers. Should have got these a long time ago. Who else is sporting the IW gear? www.iowawhitetailgear.com
  3. SB3

    Ground Blinds

  4. SB3

    Missouri Snows

    Who's killin snows? Let's see em. Killed 49 on 2/15-16 weekend in mid-mo. Heading to the boot heel this Thurs-Sun, been hearing juvies are on the move north out of LA. If you haven't tried it yet you're missing out, hire a guide for a 3 day hunt. We got a full spread and always looking for new...
  5. SB3

    Catfish Rod & Reel Recommendation

    Looking to get back on the MO river and begin the quest for huge blues and flathead. We had always ran trot lines but I'm looking for a good heavy duty rod/reel combo. Any recommendations?
  6. SB3

    Snake ID

    This a good guy? I don't mind snakes but not venomous and not in the garage Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  7. SB3

    Sedge in clover

    I've been using Clethodim for years to control the grass in my clover and alfalfa. This year in one of my bottom clover plot I have sedge grass coming on strong and the cleth did not kill it. Any suggestions? Hotter dose or something else? Thanks
  8. SB3

    New bucks showing up

    I have these two that moved in early Oct, never seen them before that and only have night time pics. I'm not even sure the last two pics are the same buck, hard to tell from these poor quality pics. They both look mature, what's your guess on scores?
  9. SB3

    Final turkey as a youth

    My oldest son is 15 and was able to kill this turkey in northern mo. Sunday on state ground. We didnt hear anything close on the roost and was thinking about going after some that we heard in the distance. We had the video cam, decoys etc and just generally concerned about stalking on public so...
  10. SB3

    Turkey population looking good

    Checked the trail cams this weekend and my lab flushed up a 50+ flock. Wish I had a camera ready as they flew back over me, glad none of them sheet on me :D Pretty happy with these Stealth cams But this guy needs to go!
  11. SB3

    Fescue Takeover

    I have some old NWSG fields that have been overrun with fescue and only patches of big/little bluestem and switchgrass remain. Can I spray these with gly early spring after the fescue starts growing and while the natives are still dormant? Or would a different chemical work better? Or try...
  12. SB3

    494A Planter

    Is anybody using one? I picked on up last fall and been trying to figure out the best plates for corn? And best spocket combination on the main and unit drives. I have the B7-24X plates and they must be for beans cause I'm getting 8+ kernels/ft. Tried mutliple sprocket combos and the best I...
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