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Search results

  1. Handcannon

    Taxidermy crappie question

    I got my crappie back...I think. It looks like the same fish but somehow it's 1 1/2" shorter. Why?
  2. Handcannon

    Bills H.R.8 & H.R.1446 on the move in the House

    Bit by bit. Look these up. They will affect everyone. H.R.8 and H.R.1446 are two bills being rammed through the House. HR8 would ban private sales of firearms (with few exceptions). HR 1446 would indefinitely delay firearms transfers that are delayed by NICS more than 3 days.
  3. Handcannon

    Community Trout stocking

    Stockings will not be announced this winter due to Covid19. They don't want the mass gatherings on the ice. Understandable. As warm as it is, melting here, my lil lake may not get any trout. I love watching trout on camera & they put up a good fight. Anyone know if your lake has been stocked yet?
  4. Handcannon

    Who has been on the ice & what are you catching?

    I'm ready to get out there.
  5. Handcannon

    How old?

    My buddy shot an old buck this year. The reason I think it was old is because he only had 2 molars clear at the back of his bottom jaw & like 4 front teeth. His gums were healed over ages ago & smooth where his teeth should be. Inside of his mouth was black from licking dirt, I assume. He had...
  6. Handcannon

    870 smooth bore slug barrel

    WTB a 870 smooth bore slug barrel with rifle sights, IC bore. They came in the Express combo. Anyone have one for sale?
  7. Handcannon

    450 gets it done

    12/05/20 At 7:30 am a nice 8 point came through and it was at 20 yards. Seemed really early to be done hunting, so I let him go. Around 1 pm a nice 10 point came by but his rack was a little thin. I let him walk too. I saw 47 does and 2 smaller bucks through out the day. Most deer came from...
  8. Handcannon

    Why do deer like licking my cameras?

    I've had it happen many times over the years. Today, I moved a camera to another location. It hadn't even been on the tree for an hour & out of nowhere a forky comes up, sniffs it, licks it & trots away. Made me laugh!
  9. Handcannon

    International 300 utility tractor

    Dad has a International 300 utility tractor, loader, rear blade & rear mower for sale. Some new parts & everything works as it should. He wants $3500 for all of it. Perfect size for food plots or the acreage.
  10. Handcannon

    1st Bow for fishing

    I'm looking at a simple $130 recurve bow set up. Like the one from PSE & Cajun. Are they any good? This could become a hobby for me, don't know yet. I have done the spearing thing & love it!
  11. Handcannon

    Missouri Poachers busted

    Wow! These guys are bad company....glad they got busted! https://www.kansascity.com/news/state/missouri/article223200380.html
  12. Handcannon

    My new project.

    It's long term & won't produce anything for 10 years. By then, I hope I can still climb a tree stand & hope to be able to hunt my current bow hunting ground. Also, hope the rabbits & deer don't eat these before they mature. I gotta get some chicken wire. Should've done this 15 years ago when 1st...
  13. Handcannon

    Why is it that only hunters, trappers pay the Habitat Fee?

    If the DNR is looking for $, why not have EVERYBODY that uses the outdoors & parks pay the Habitat Fee? Lakes & campgrounds get renovated & require maintenance all the time. Fishing, boating, personal watercraft, trails, shelters & etc. If you use the Habitat - pay the fee. Why such a small...
  14. Handcannon

    Mushroom ID - can I eat this?

    What are these & can they be eaten?
  15. Handcannon

    Wedged Yote

    Not the coyote pic I have been hoping for. Just about 100 yds from mom & dads driveway, down the gravel. Must've been chasing food. It easily could've went around this little tree. Just got itself wedged in there.
  16. Handcannon

    A hurtin' buck

    Deer season was very warm this year. I bought a new muzzleloader a few years ago & took it along for it's 1st hunt this year. CVA Accura V2 & Barnes MZ 250 w/ 2 T7 50/50 pellets. Love this gun & bullet. I made the trip to the other side of the state again. Saw a few deer here & there Saturday...
  17. Handcannon

    Buzzbait bass

    Bought 4 buzzbaits & the bass liked the Megastrike Cavitron & the Booyah w/ the clacker. They also like 12" worms.
  18. Handcannon

    Reel bag

    Made some reel bags.
  19. Handcannon

    1st kayak & hungry bass = great morning

    1st time ever in a kayak & love it! Caught some nice bass froggin, all around the 5# mark.
  20. Handcannon

    Turkey Foot

    This guy just showed up a week ago. All of my pics have been blurry & I could not tell what he was. Except these 2 pics 1/2 mile up the field. I gotta connect w/ him. Best buck I've seen in my area in 3 years. Love the turkey foot & splits, 6X7. Look at that rear leg posture & the tail - he's...
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