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  1. IowaBowHunter1983

    Sunflower plots?

    Anyone ever mess around planting sunflowers? A friend has a friend that sells sunflowers commercially and is constantly fighting to keep deer out of his sunflower patches. I always thought it would be neat to drill a couple acres in. Anyone ever try? Results? Planting advice/rate?
  2. IowaBowHunter1983

    More crazy weather

    Buckle and and be safe out there!
  3. IowaBowHunter1983

    Couple of GOOD bills- not necessarily hunting related.

    Couple bills of note headed to the govenor.... 1. Protection of girls sports (biological females) 2. Tax reform, including farm rent when retired. Good stuff IMO.
  4. IowaBowHunter1983

    Skid loaders?

    Likley doesn't matter that much but best brands and why? Looking at track machine eventually. High flow. Forestry type stuff.
  5. IowaBowHunter1983

    Savage MSR 15 224 Valkyrie for sale

    Decided to move to a bolt gun for my coyote setup so selling AR. 224 valkyrie is a pretty badass round. Supersonic to 1,300 yards. Less than 60 rounds thru this puppy. Comes with 170 rounds of ammo. Scope pictured no longer on gun/ not included. $1,350 More description...
  6. IowaBowHunter1983

    Carcus cam

    Always cool to see what shows up on carcus cam. Some cool birds!
  7. IowaBowHunter1983

    Dream weather. Good luck guys and gals!

    Gotta love these temps for late season. We seem to not get them near enough. It doesn't get much better.
  8. IowaBowHunter1983

    Law question- discharge of wounded deer after dark

    Buddy just called me... said doe is in front of him not moving but alive. Asked of he could legally shoot it. I assumed not but don't really know. What say y'all?
  9. IowaBowHunter1983

    Down goes Groot

    I've made several posts about what a strange and slow year it has been. The last couple days it seemed to finally cut loose just a little bit. Caught this guy yesterday afternoon on the hunt for a new girlfriend. My son is now old enough to get into it (4). I let him track and find the deer...
  10. IowaBowHunter1983

    Views from the stand 2021-22

    Here is the annual thread. Post away. Doesn't get much prettier than tonight.
  11. IowaBowHunter1983

    2021: Strange deer year to date: My observations

    This year has been a little bizarre on the deer front for me personally. My observations/experience so far: -Slowest trail cam year since coming off the 2012/13 EHD massacre -More nocturnal deer than ever before -Many deer that anticipated to be on the hit list either did not grow much at all...
  12. IowaBowHunter1983

    22-250 rounds (113)

    113 rounds of 22-250 ammo: $200 (94) rounds: Remington 45 gr JHP (13) rounds : Remington 50 gr VMAX Boat tail (6) rounds: Winchester 50 gr Ballistic silvertip
  13. IowaBowHunter1983

    Foodplot irrigation- gravity siphon

    Put this plot in last weekend. Decent germination but getting really dry. This is an area below a pond. So I spent some time yesterday getting an irrigation line going. It took a couple of hours of wading in the pond to get it working right be seems to be doing the job really well. It's a low...
  14. IowaBowHunter1983

    Thoughts on Honey Locust?

    I always have it in my head that I should get rid of these nasty trees, but I'm not so sure. I was at one of the farms today and a few are absolutely loaded with bean pods. I stopped and just looked at them for a solid minute and I was thinking to myself.... thats actually alot of food. And I...
  15. IowaBowHunter1983

    Timber foodplot- Dozer time

    I often get asked about foodplots in timber. My go to is clover. Here is a video of a plot I am making on a buddy's farm that I am consulting and doing custom work on. I will till this up and plant rye and clover in September. Quick vid of progress.
  16. IowaBowHunter1983

    Iowa Timber rattle snakes- Seem to be on the rise?

    Def way more sightings of Timber rattlers in Madison co. I can only assume the population is on the rise. Personally, they terrify me! ha.
  17. IowaBowHunter1983

    Recommended viewing

    The Biggest Little Farm on Hulu. Starts a little slow and some of it is kind of silly, but pretty incredible to see what they do. Alot of it can be applied to what many of should think about in terms of biodiversity, soil health, etc.
  18. IowaBowHunter1983

    Fawn pic thread- 2021

    Always enjoy seeing creation of these little critters. Thought it might be fun to have a fawn pic thread. First pic of one for 2021 for me. Looks like it was just born and mamma may have more to drop?
  19. IowaBowHunter1983

    Talk to me about crimpers

    As I no tilled beans into several standing rye plots Saturday I was thinking.... man I should get a crimper. Holy expensive! Why? They seem so simple. Wonder how a cultipacker would do. Obviously not as good, but good enough?
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