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Search results

  1. spencer52356

    Euro Mounts

    fill a storage tub with hot water and dawn. drop your skull in there and use an air gun under the water to "air boil" the grease out of all the crevice's Take your time and be sure to get the nasal cavity well. Apply your 40 volume bleach and whitening crème you got a Sally's beauty supply and...
  2. spencer52356

    The "orange army"

    Well put Windlooker!
  3. spencer52356

    old rusty non working guns

    I am looking for a few old non working guns that could be used for decorating my bar. These will just be hung on the wall and collecting a protective layer of dust. Thank you Corey
  4. spencer52356

    If you want a good laugh

    A guy walks into a bar and tells the bartender "you give me 5 beers and I will walk up on thatstage and fart dixie" The bartender gives the man his 5 beers and says; "ok, you've had your beers now get up there and fart dixie". The man gets up on stage and pulls down his pants and poops all over...
  5. spencer52356


    We just cancelled our trip for the 21st. Figured they would make us do the 14 day quarantine and as much as I would like to stay up there that long, not going to happen.
  6. spencer52356


    Skip, Any Christmas sale this year?
  7. spencer52356

    Bag targets?

    I had the same problem when I switched field tips. I had to make sure the diameter was the same or they caught every time.
  8. spencer52356

    Alex schlocks one

    Congrats! Great Memories
  9. spencer52356

    Taitn's first hunt is successful

    NICE ONE! You two will remember that forever! Congrats
  10. spencer52356

    Ehd time again?

    Is it possible that these midge flies are favoring something in the mud that is found in higher concentrations in Warren county? I am just kind of thinking out loud here hoping to turn a light bulb on with somebody. I would love, so would everyone else, to find a common factor that makes these...
  11. spencer52356

    Ehd time again?

    So what's so different about Warren County this year? Why is it getting hit the hardest? If we could only answer these questions then maybe a solution could be determined. I really feel for the landowners and hunters in these areas.
  12. spencer52356

    Sorguhm question

    Don't you need a license to purchase Atrazine?
  13. spencer52356

    Sorguhm question

    What do you guys use on Sorghum to control the weeds? It is currently about 5" tall. thanks Corey
  14. spencer52356

    corn planter rental

    they make those 2-row planters for ATV's don't they?
  15. spencer52356

    corn planter rental

    Has anyone ever rented a small planter for corn to plant food plots? I am wanting to plant 1 acre and have a 700cc side by side to pull it with. I'm not ready to shell out enough money purchase one yet. Thanks Corey
  16. spencer52356

    King Kutter ATV Disc

    Sounds good! Let me know when it will work for you.
  17. spencer52356

    King Kutter ATV Disc

    Daver, How's your schedule looking for the next 3 weeks? Think we can get together on this? Corey
  18. spencer52356

    My boys first year

    WOW!! what a season. Good job boys and Dad. I bet there's many more to come.
  19. spencer52356

    Daughter's first

    Great patience Haley! Congrats on your harvest!!!
  20. spencer52356

    busted buck but my buck

    loneranger, Congrats on a successful harvest! I'm sure it's one you will remember for a very long time. Get's the blood pumping don't it?
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