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    Fuse 5 pin slider sold

    Fuse 5 pin slider new in box. I won this and don’t need it The Fuse Flywheel Multi-Pin Slider Sight delivers the peace of mind that comes from having multiple pins in quick-action hunting situations along with the confidence that comes from being able to dial in your sight to the exact yardage...
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    South Dakota Pheasant Hunting

    Looking to hunt pheasant in late November or first part of December with my brother and maybe one other person. I have never been to South Dakota pheasant hunting. Looking for advice on public ground, area and any other advice. Thanks in advance.
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    Muzzleloader or rifle ballistic match technology

    Thanks to Nikon, rifleshooters around the world now have a tool to help them match their preferred load to their style of shooting and to their style of riflescope and reticle. Nikon’s all new Spot On program allows users to select from the largest database of factory ammo and reloading...
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    Need muzzleloader help?

    Well ended the year with two tumblers and 1 misfire. One with white hots and one with triple 7. I cleaned and dried the gun before today’s tumbler. I think that maybe the bullets went twenty yards. I am shooting a kp1 and using Winchester 777 primers. The weather was 11 degrees and 22 degrees. I...
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    Whitetails Unlimited Maquoketa Area Banquet

    I am selling tickets to the banquet on Friday March 19th. If you are interested please give me a call. 319-480-2756.
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    11-21-09 Bow Kill 10 Inch Drop Tine

    I shot this buck at 3:00 Sat. the 21st. He came in silent and worked to 25 yards. I had turned my HHA sight down to 20 on the way in. He stopped behind three trees. So I drew. He must have heard something b/c he stopped right there. All I could see was his vitals. I had to lean out a little to...
  7. P

    White Hots are awesome

    Well, I finally got to shoot my new KP1 and boy is it a shooter. It is topped with a Leupold Ultimate Slam scope, the combo is amazing. I started by bore sighting at 50 yards and first two shots were 7 inches low. Moved the crosshairs and 4 trough 6 were 1" 1/2" from each other at 100 yards...
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    Photo uploads???

    I uploaded photos and can't find them or figure out how to attach them to a post with the new process. Any help would be great. It says I have 2 photos in the gallery section but I have no Idea where they are. Thanks Brad
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    Maquoketa Area Whitetails Unlimited Banquet

    Simmon's buck reported to be on hand. Friday, March 20, 2009 at Jackson County Fairgrounds - Pearson Center 1212 E. Quarry, Maquoketa Social Hour - 5:30 p.m. Two-Meat Dinner - 7:00 p.m. Tickets - $40 single, $20 spouse or child If you need tickets give me a call, 319-480-2756. Thanks Brad
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    11-16-08 Bow Kill

    Having poor results rattling, bleating and no luck with decoys,(buck and doe together and buck alone), Mrs. Doe Pee not working and not able to finish the deal on a 160 at the base of my tree on the 10th, I was at my wits end. After struggling with what to do and big bucks just out of bow...
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    Anyone seen this Southern Iowa Giant????

  12. P

    Wife shot a great buck!

    Wife connected on this buck last night 10 minutes before last lite. He stepped out across a bean field hit him with a few grunts, two different times. She shot him at 35 yards while he was working a scape. Dropped like a rock. I am so proud for her. Her second buck with a muzzleloader...
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    Prevailing winds in Iowa

    Pulled this off an Iowa Deer post interesting stuff. Good info. http://mesonet.agron.iastate.edu/sites/windrose.phtml?station=DSM&network=IA_ASOS
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    leasing ground

    If you lease ground, can you get a landowners permit if the landowner doesn't hunt the ground??? I have heard of guys doing this and wondered if it is true??
  15. P

    Deer numbers

    I don't know if this has been posted or not. But deer numbers are posted on Iowa DNR. http://www.iowadnr.com/wildlife/pdfs/2006deerharvest.pdf
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    Looking for A Pheasant Hunter

    LOOKING FOR A GOOD HOME Incredible 11 year old (papered) male German Shorthair needs a loving home. Liver, roan ticked. Solid blood lines, quiet disposition, great hunter. Current owners are moving where outdoor facilities are not allowed. Pictures and pedigree available upon request...
  17. P

    new to plots, need help!

    First fall food plot, would you plant buck forage oats or shot plot, or what would you suggest for a acre or two?
  18. P

    CCi number 11's

    Anybody have problems with theses not going off on the first pull of the trigger? My Remington doesn't like them. I had to recock twice this year for them to go off, never had a problem with my rem. #11's.
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    Binos strap

    Does anybody know where to get this strap?? http://www.gettinclose.com/news/index.aspx?n=13
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    What scent suit to buy?

    Any imput would be great. I have the ultralite scentblocker at the moment, it is five years old. Any one have the dream season(40spf)? What about the alpha series(60spf)? Any ideas, scentlok is it loud?
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