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Search results

  1. Bone Slayer

    2018-19 IW Team Contest Sign Up

    I’ll be in if you need more people
  2. Bone Slayer


    Interested! PM sent
  3. Bone Slayer

    Team Contest

  4. Bone Slayer

    Water Holes

    There has been more and more hype about water holes. I've seen more articles come out this year about them than I have in the last 5 years combined. I plan on building a few of these this year but I'm not sure which route I am wanting to go. From researching there are 3 main methods that all...
  5. Bone Slayer

    DP-Coon Traps?

    When I trapped a lot in high school I used the mini marshmallows in the bottom, and then I would put a mixture of dog food and peanut butter around it.
  6. Bone Slayer

    HSB 175 increase in hunting/furharvesting fees

    Possibly keeping the prices the same as they are now for youth 18 and younger...
  7. Bone Slayer

    HSB 175 increase in hunting/furharvesting fees

    Any true sportsman is going to pay for their fishing/hunting/habitat fee/ tags regardless of the price. But I wonder if this would have any affect in the amount of licenses being sold to the person who only goes a few times a year. Possibility of people not buying licenses and taking their...
  8. Bone Slayer

    DNR Wildlife Rules: ICN Public Meeting, Feb 22, 2017, 6 -9 PM

    In our meeting the CWD was brought up and the DNR said they didn't know exactly what they wanted to do yet. However, they did say the one thing they are not to do is try to killing all the deer in the area. Also is there a place we can view what was said at all the other locations Sligh?
  9. Bone Slayer

    Early warm weather

    This is just like 2012 the year of the draught... Lets hope not
  10. Bone Slayer


    Here is his facebook profile https://www.facebook.com/cory.fritzler?hc_location=ufi sad to say he's posted since the time he got arrested about fishing in the Florida Keys. Can't believe these kinds of people exist...
  11. Bone Slayer

    Spring Scouting Trip

    I would say it depends on what part of the state you're hunting, some areas probably have better AT&T service than others. You will most likely get ok cell service but data/internet maybe another story....
  12. Bone Slayer

    Hunting from the road?

    The difference is you can road hunt or trap using bird shot, but hunting with slugs is a difference situation.
  13. Bone Slayer

    Hunting from the road?

    I remember hearing earlier in the year you must be across the fence of the highway/road and ditch. However, if there is no fence you must be 15 yards or feet from the road I can't exactly remember but I would guess yards.
  14. Bone Slayer

    slugging for big bucks

    The first year I ever hunted I was in 4th grade and slugged a doe with my fathers 12 gauge during youth season. Then I started bow hunting in 6th grade the year was 2007. I went every weekend and had my mom go drop me off in the woods after school everyday and my dad would pick me up on the way...
  15. Bone Slayer

    Deer movement update thread

    Yesterday AM had a mature buck come through searching, and then had a doe following a small buck like nothing was going on. Yesterday PM had two does together come by at 2:00 and then a spike come through at 3:00 This morning I just caught a glimpse of a buck from a distance but he looked...
  16. Bone Slayer


    Whats everyones favorite item to rattle with?
  17. Bone Slayer

    Early rutting Action????

    I've seen normal pre-rut activity. I had a 6 and 8 pointer trying to chase does but the does wanted none of it in the past two nights.
  18. Bone Slayer

    Rubbing Tree

    It seems like it's a "big deal" with the amount of complaining you do...
  19. Bone Slayer

    Addies first deer

    Congrats on a nice buck!
  20. Bone Slayer

    Owen's first deer

    Congrats on a nice bow kill!
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