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Search results

  1. dblmainbeam

    a good life lesson :)

    Wife Zone: http://youtu.be/qHQWlFtSptU
  2. dblmainbeam

    hey country fans

    He's a coal miner and writes his own music. I guess since I grew up in coal country I connect. He turned down a music contract because they wanted him to sing other peoples music. Hopefully he'll make it big. Thanks for the input.
  3. dblmainbeam

    hey country fans

    Here's another one Troy Bullock So You Lie LIVE Concert Video: http://youtu.be/K72XD_S-PdE
  4. dblmainbeam

    hey country fans

  5. dblmainbeam

    hey country fans

    Off topic but A good buddy of mine has decided to get famous. He's doing a radio tour right now and getting good reviews. Hopefully we'll be hearing him on the radio soon! He sings country the good ole country way! What do ya think? Troy Bullock - Country Go Round - Official Music &hellip...
  6. dblmainbeam

    Day 2 Double

  7. dblmainbeam

    Old or Young buck

    I'd say young. He has the puppy dog look to me.
  8. dblmainbeam

    public ground trees

    I don't know what kind of tree they were but they're gone now along with all the small Cottonwood. They've been out cutting all week it'll be interesting to see what it looks like this weekend. My pictures don't show how thicck it really was. It was a mixture of all different kinds of trees and...
  9. dblmainbeam

    public ground trees

    Can you tell me why I would see 50+ birds everyday in and around these trees? I think its because they could get out of the 40 mph winds we have twice a week, food close buy and not much cover anywhere else. The heard of 35-40 deer loved it too 1/4 of the trees gone.I'm sure it won't be long for...
  10. dblmainbeam

    public ground trees

    I can understand that but here they cut down everything and leave it lay. They don't want any trees on the property.
  11. dblmainbeam

    public ground trees

    Here's what I got from the DNR. Adam, here is a note from T.J. Herrick, the DNR wildlife management biologist for Winnebago County: The young cottonwood tree cutting you observed is part of an overall focus by the DNR's Wildlife Bureau to improve the quality of grassland/wetland habitat. We...
  12. dblmainbeam

    public ground trees

    No I don't. I guess the pheasants could fly south for the winter.
  13. dblmainbeam

    public ground trees

    I just talk to a county conservation guy and he said if its in as a wetland there aren't supposed to be any trees. Seems ridiculous to me. This spot has 2 tiny sloughs that don't even have any open water. Seems like a waste. No wonder we don't have any pheasants. Habitat is constantly disappearing.
  14. dblmainbeam

    public ground trees

    Does anyone know why the DNR cuts down trees that grow on public ground. In the last 5 years I have seen where they come in and cut down all the trees then they just leave them laying where they fall. It looks like coyote habitat. I was really disappointed yesterday when I went to a spot to...
  15. dblmainbeam

    Vexilar or Marcum

    I love the marcums also. I have never had any trouble in the 8 years I've had mine other then I have had to replace the battery.
  16. dblmainbeam

    2014 rule change

    Seriously! The guy asks your thoughts and how many people posted a smart ass reply trying to make him feel like an ass for asking? I used to enjoy this site.
  17. dblmainbeam

    Looking for a good Trail cam!

    Agree with this post. There are cameras that take better pics but I know you will not miss anything. I set up my cuddeback next to my reconyx. In a couple of days it 300 and some pics. The cuddeback took under 20. The batteries do last forever.
  18. dblmainbeam

    Where, when, why etc......

    1. I was 14 and was on vacation in Iowa visiting family. 2. My dad and uncle took me to a shop where we picked out a bow and was given a quick lesson. 3. It was a York youth compound. 4. Bad...I practiced the rest of the summer and fall. I couldn't wait for the season to start. One of my dads...
  19. dblmainbeam

    sick deer

    I haven't seen it since October. Hopefully its not anything that'll spread if you know what I mean.
  20. dblmainbeam

    sick deer

    Do you think this deer has ehd? I see she has a large tumor.
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