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Search results

  1. Bassattackr

    Human Scent

    Farther than you think. A buck can pick up a hot doe close to a mile away. Think about that..
  2. Bassattackr

    Rye and lawn grass??

    Sure can. Or can even use oats, they may even winter kill for you :D
  3. Bassattackr

    Planting trees and shrubs???

    Spring (April) or Fall (October). I like spring, because I hunt in the fall :)
  4. Bassattackr

    Cereal Grains and cover crops

    May 14th, 2022 Rye in the Dbltree mix has bolted in the last couple weeks, over 6' high in some areas.. Radishes have winter killed, leaving only a few oats left. And some winter peas to climb the rye.. Peas have pods now, not too much evidence of browse. Plenty of food abounds...
  5. Bassattackr


    June 18th, 2022 Rye left to stand and dry down now has viable seed. Clover a lush carpet now, with excellent growth. Rye has done its job and left a very clean patch of clover. Not in much of a hurry to do anything with it. With the second week of upper 90s temperatures, its providing...
  6. Bassattackr


    May 14th, 2022 Rye has bolted in the last couple weeks. Clover that was only "specs" after germinating in early September has now grown up. Can see why Rye is such a good nurse crop. Provides some additional shade as the days get longer, and warmer.. :cool: A few leaves littering the...
  7. Bassattackr

    Oh snap- IW hats- best hats I’ve ever had!!!!

    Geez, that alice clover really took off this year. Who would have thought rye would have been such a good nurse crop.. :cool: Thanks Skip, got it late last week :D
  8. Bassattackr

    Genesis Drill Review

    Yea John I'd say your big red dualie tractor behind your orange one will handle that 5 just fine! :p OK, in all seriousness... Looks like your Kubota is the same weight as our LS MT350e (50 HP) - About 4500 lbs with loader ?? Our LS gets a little squirrely on the front end with a 1500 lb...
  9. Bassattackr


    Interesting concept, keep us posted!
  10. Bassattackr

    What types of farm equipment is needed to plant on a farm

    A planter works best for corn due to the precision. Many ways to plant cereal grains, not difficult.
  11. Bassattackr

    Foodplot tractor

    Compact Utility Tractors (35-55 HP) with a FEL and MWFD make great food plot tractors for anything under 10 acres. Not to mention all the 3 point and FEL implement options. You'll be amazed how much you use a front end loader. We have a grapple as well, very neat tool.. The weights are...
  12. Bassattackr


    I frost seeded some into my rye/clover plot. I haven't seen much come up to be honest, pretty disappointed..
  13. Bassattackr

    Sunflower plots?

    Deer love young sunflower plants.
  14. Bassattackr

    Timber Stand Improvment

    Spot on! Too many guys try to create "bedding" by making a hinged mess. Deer just go around it..
  15. Bassattackr

    N of Iowa City trespasser

    Clearly just trying to trim up a few trees for you with those loppers.. :)
  16. Bassattackr

    DWGH Home Farm Projects Thread

    That is one sweet tool.
  17. Bassattackr

    Big Typical Shed

    Haha well played!
  18. Bassattackr

    Cedar tree removal

    Too many loggers in the area have Walnut and Oak to cut, especially due to record prices. Cedar is very far down the list for them. Local sawmills will buy cedar however, but takes us trailering loads to them. I’m in Central MO, so can’t speak for the Iowa market.
  19. Bassattackr

    Cedar tree removal

    We’ve tried multiple times to get a cedar logger. Not many interested. Several mills willing to buy cedar, if you want to put in the effort delimbing them, dragging them out and stacking on a trailer. High work, low reward proposition.
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