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Search results

  1. tracer

    Buck shedding video

  2. tracer

    Late Season Bow Kill

  3. tracer

    New guy from Sask

    Welcome to the site. I'm from Ontario.
  4. tracer

    Halloween Buck

    Beauty buck, congrats
  5. tracer

    Ground kill

    Great buck, congrats
  6. tracer

    Down goes Groot

    Great buck, congrats
  7. tracer

    Nov 13th is my day!!

    Brute of buck, congrats
  8. tracer

    11/6 All day sit pays off

    Nice tank, congrats
  9. tracer

    2021 Bow Buck

    Great buck, nice video, congrats
  10. tracer

    Standing Corn Buck Kill

    Nice buck, congrats
  11. tracer

    Nephews 2021 Harvest.

    Great buck, congrats
  12. tracer

    2021 Archery Buck

    That's a big'n , congrats.
  13. tracer

    2021 Archery Buck

  14. tracer

    Target bucks

    That's what I thought too, but he looks thinner from the angle in the second pic. Got 'a be the same buck with the time interval like you say.
  15. tracer

    Target bucks

    New potential target(s). Different bucks guys ?
  16. tracer

    Target bucks

  17. tracer

    Alex redeems himself

    Great buck, congrats.
  18. tracer

    Daughter's 1st Deer

  19. tracer

    2021-22 Team Contest Sign Up

    add me in please
  20. tracer

    Binocular suggestion?

    Steiner 10-42 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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