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Search results

  1. Nrharris

    Neighbors Cows!!!

    Just an example.
  2. Nrharris

    Neighbors Cows!!!

    I've seen something similar using blue plastic barrels so they float up with the water level.
  3. Nrharris

    Quick attach for 3 point implements

    I have a speeco also on my subcompact and like it also. Mine came from blains farm and fleet.
  4. Nrharris

    Quick attach for 3 point implements

    Make sure your implements are quick hitch compatible. Some are not. Overall I prefer a quick hitch.
  5. Nrharris

    Where are all the WORKERS?

    Exactly. For that to work, they have to have some skin in the game.
  6. Nrharris

    Where are all the WORKERS?

    I'm gonna go out on a limb and say the recession is already here. Mainstream media won't admit to it until they can figure out a way to blame Republicans or Trump for it.
  7. Nrharris


    I've got a 25 kw pto generator with a thousand gallons of diesel just in case. Hope I don't need it. Looks like the decision to book our fuel needs for the year in January was a good one.
  8. Nrharris

    Flat tires!

    We had soybean stubble puncture the sidewall of a brand new semi tire last fall. We were less than impressed.
  9. Nrharris

    ATV Sprayer Question

    F/s manufacturing makes a quality sprayer. We have one for atv and one for a utv. Both good units. I believe you can order direct from them. Otherwise fertilizer dealer supply is a dealer for them as well.
  10. Nrharris

    Pre-emergent for beans

    Check the label on what you are spraying, but it looks like dual II magnum can be used post emergence. If the generic is the same, then plant away.
  11. Nrharris

    Pre-emergent for beans

    What pre are you using? If it is a ppo I would not do it.
  12. Nrharris

    Expensive shed find

    Just a week ago saw one just in time and got the sprayer stopped about 5 feet before I ran it over. Had 4 brand new tires put on this spring at 2100 each. Would not have been good. Tires were expensive but we were just glad to find some.
  13. Nrharris

    Tree puller vs. shears

    Yes no stump, but potentially a crater, depending on the size of the tree and root ball removed.
  14. Nrharris

    Tree puller vs. shears

    We have a Notch brand tree puller. Absolutely love it. Mostly pull mulberry trees with it. Our skidloader isn't as big as yours and I think you would be amazed how big of a tree you can take down with it. It has a point where you can dig at the brace roots indidually to take down bigger trees...
  15. Nrharris

    Real wet here

    We got 160 acres of corn planted on Wednesday and no beans planted. Still plenty of time but the weather definitely needs to change. Have about 2000 total acres we farm
  16. Nrharris

    Getting stuck fun!!!! So it begins!!!

    He was thinking if he rocked in the seat just a little harder he could make it. Haha
  17. Nrharris

    Land prices / insane!!!

    I did mine 15 years at 2.6. Missed 2.5 by a couple weeks. Glad I got it done when I did.
  18. Nrharris

    Updated 2020 new pond thread

    It's been a long time since I updated this thread. The pond got full and has been going out the overflow tube since late August. We got the rest of our fish stocked last fall. Bluegills that we stocked last spring have grown a lot in a short time. We trenched in power close to the pond because...
  19. Nrharris

    Poaching increased since rifle expansion

    I would think you could throw suppressors in there too.
  20. Nrharris

    Fuel Prices

    I keep hearing from democrats garbage about that the pipeline wouldn't be completed for a long time so it doesn't affect prices now. I'm not sure if they are liars or have no basic understanding of how our markets or economy works. Our markets, which include oil and other commodities are a...
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