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  1. THA4

    Great Season So Far!

    Been a pretty good season so far--even though Nebraska whooped me good this year (headed back out there at the end of this week hoping to clean up). I shot a nice bird on video (yet to be produced) on a return trip to Iowa (miss it here... ) Then I was treated to an awesome roost hunt with...
  2. THA4

    Uber Slob

    Minnesota treestand time has been limited for me. I do have a tomorrow through Sunday and a day or two next week free to go, but my expectations are not that high... missing Iowa.... But the tradeoff has been, um... how do you say... fair? :grin: Been enjoying the water this fall, netted...
  3. THA4

    Got The Boys Back

    And they seem to be enjoying their new residence in the North Country. :grin: Phil Carlson with Lost Trail Taxidermy of Guthrie Center did both, and did amazing work at that. Beautiful mounts!! I had the brow fixed on the bow buck, and the artistry there is impressive, too. Late Muzz
  4. THA4

    Done With An Incredible Season!

    The other day when I posted about our Nebraska hunts, I really didn't think I'd get lucky enough to write this post. I do complain a lot about things not going my way, which they typically don't. But, this year was different--Things actually went my way. :grin: No complaining here! :drink2...
  5. THA4

    Nebraska Part Deux (Pic Heavy)

    I received a last-minute invitation to go back to Nebraska, and with the nasty weather that was set to hit Iowa last week, I eagerly accepted a trip to the west of the massive front. I killed a jake with my bow early in the season out there, but had a tag remaining and it was burning a hole in...
  6. THA4

    The Widow-Maker Strikes Again (PIC HEAVY)

    So, for once, there isn't much to this story. :grin: I had an opportunity to hunt for only two mornings in extreme northern Missouri this past weekend and wasn't expecting much due to lack of time and the fact that you can only hunt until 1pm in MO. It was just another inexpensive way to get...
  7. THA4

    6-Bearded Bird VIDEO

    Here is the full video of the hunt. Enjoy!! :drink2::drink2::drink2:
  8. THA4

    Six, And Then Some

    I like to complain about how things seldom go my way, which they usually don't. But, turkey season, as with my deer season this past fall, things seem to be turning around. We are set to move to Minnesota during the first full week of May and that is rapidly approaching. Leaving this place I...
  9. THA4

    At Home Or Abroad?

    Saw five longbeards hanging out in one of my honey holes tonight. That and the prospect of near 60-degree temps by the end of the week is making my shhhnoodle grow. Who is hunting outside of Iowa this year, and where? Or are you keeping it local? Can't get here fast enough...
  10. THA4

    Remington 870 Youth

    Posted this in the classifieds earlier, but got no reply. Let's try this :grin: Looking for an 870 youth model for my boy, or a Mossberg youth model of some sort. Happy to pay a fair price. Shoot me a PM if you cam help me out! I'd greatly appreciate it!
  11. THA4

    WTB: Mossberg Super Bantam 510

    Looking for a used, affordable Mossberg Super Bantam 510 for my young son to try turkey hunting this year. I might be looking for a Remington 870 Youth 20 ga. for my wife, too. Again, used and cheap :grin: Anybody have one that their kids have grown out of, or perhaps looking to upgrade...
  12. THA4

    Complete Disrespect

    So, a few weeks ago I noticed where the cam on my bow rolls over on the cable had created quite a fray. In fact, the serving was detached and the interior string was beginning to show wear. Horrible timing and shame on me for not noticing earlier this summer... So, I contacted Boyd to see if...
  13. THA4

    Life Among The Alfalfa

    This story begins a few days ago when I climbed a tree on a a property I hadn’t hunted yet this year. The wind was perfect and there had been a couple of nice bucks visiting a scrape over the past few days during early daylight hours, and I was there to take advantage of it! It was warmer than I...
  14. THA4

    LIVE Updates From The Hunt

    Happy Halloween, Here is how my day is shaping up! Please follow along as I attempt to employ never-before used tactics to close the deal on one that is driving me nuts! :grin: :grin: :grin: :drink1:
  15. THA4

    Super Cool Post-Arrow Trail Cam Pic

    This has been circulating Facebook for the past few days. Pretty cool, one in a million.
  16. THA4

    It's Happening...

    Last night as I was bringing the kids home from daycare, (out in the sticks) I saw a buck working a scrape and the deer were everywhere! Then this AM the same thing - and I watched a small buck raking his antlers in a tree. These cooler temps and the Packers kick'n ace last night really got me...
  17. THA4

    Screw You!!!!!

    :grin: :drink2: Its that time of year again..... :grin: GOOOOOOOOO CHEEEEEEEESE!!! Yes.... That's Vickerman in a treestand wearing a Cheese Hat....:D AND DOR.... VIKINGS SUCK BRING IT!!!!!!
  18. THA4

    Four Birds in Two Days

    I'm a little behind on this, been trying to get caught up on work after all this turkey hunting. :grin: As usual, there is quite the story with these chain of events... including me getting stuck in the mud and almost loosing a boot... and missing a silver platter opportunity... the list goes...
  19. THA4

    Wifey Lays One Out

    My wife, Kathryn has hunted turkeys with me for 5 years, only killing one three years ago. Its been a tough road, but for a variety of different reasons, we have struggled lately. I have been fishing one of my favorite lakes this spring quite a bit and have noticed a lot of gobblers near the...
  20. THA4

    SoDak Vids

    SoDak Vids [Second Hunt Added] Well, I still have a ways to go, but here is the video to the first hunt in South Dakota. I will be getting to the others as time allows this week... I promise :grin: South Dakota Turkey Hunt: Day One Thanks for checking it out! :way: :grin:
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