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  1. Meyer30

    Couple of GOOD bills- not necessarily hunting related.

    CPA here - Some good stuff, some not good stuff in here. I am totally in favor of making the Iowa tax return simpler. There are way too many add backs, deductions, and other adjustments I have to make after I get the federal return put together. It was a mess for a couple of years and they have...
  2. Meyer30

    Land prices / insane!!!

    I would say there are a lot of factors pushing/propping up the land market (and stock market) now, but biggest factor is inflation in my opinion. The US dollar is becoming useless. Close to 40% of every US dollar ever put into circulation was produced in the last 18 months. Think how crazy that...
  3. Meyer30

    2021 Bow Buck

    East wind pays off once again! I've had some history with this guy this year. I saw him a handful of times over the summer in my buddy's bean field about 3/4 of a mile away. Most of my area was in corn this year so deer spotting was greatly limited. I didn't get any trail camera pictures of him...
  4. Meyer30

    Planting Green

    I couldn't have asked for a better August and September for brassicas. In the areas where the deer had mowed down the beans, the brassicas and rye came in great! Next year, I will definitely go to 15" rows and lower the population of beans planted to get more area and sunlight for the fall mix...
  5. Meyer30

    Now that necked cartridges are lawful (min .35 - max .5) what will everyone be hunting with this year?

    I mean, simple math proves that rifles would be hugely detrimental to Iowa's deer heard. A shotgun slug has an effective range of ~75 yards, the rifles now allowed have ~200 yards. Use pi*r^2, and a shotgun hunter covers roughly 17,663 square yards. A rifle hunter could cover 125,600 square...
  6. Meyer30

    Youth Hunter Tactics, goals, ideas, etc???

    Youth hunts with my Dad were some of my best times growing up. We never sat in a stand or blind, we would hike all around our woods and the public land behind our house. We'd find a good tree to sit up against until our butts got sore or stopped seeing deer, then move on to a new spot. My Dad...
  7. Meyer30

    Planting Green

    I just called my buddy at the co-op and he had them on hand.
  8. Meyer30

    Planting Green

    We FINALLY got some good rains in northern Iowa over this last week. I took the opportunity to try out GrowingDeer's "planting green" strategy of drilling a fall mix right into standing beans. I made my own fall mix of winter rye, Welter seed Big Buck Brassica mix, and white clover. I drilled...
  9. Meyer30

    Now that necked cartridges are lawful (min .35 - max .5) what will everyone be hunting with this year?

    One of my neighbors has a good sized deer camp for gun 1 season. A guy from Michigan comes down every year, whether he draws a tag or not, just to be with the guys. He is always amazed at the number of deer he sees. He always says he can hunt the whole season in Michigan and not see a buck...
  10. Meyer30

    Carbon credits

    I recently sat through a presentation from Truterra Ag, which is Winfield United's new carbon venture. A couple things stuck out to me: - To get these carbon credits, it requires A LOT of documentation. You have to prove how much carbon your farming practices capture and retain. It will almost...
  11. Meyer30

    Genesis Drill Review

    Hey guys, this is my first post here as I thought some people would appreciate a review on the Genesis drill. I have a small farm in north central Iowa and after years of tilling my food plots, I broke down last winter and purchased a Genesis. A couple things I've noticed so far: - It is very...
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