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  1. sureshot

    2014 pse sp

    FOR SALE: 2014 PSE DNA SP, great condition and tuned perfectly. Skull works camo. 60-70#. RH. Comes with $140 QAD HDX rest $625
  2. sureshot

    2013 PSE Stiletto (womens bow)

    Alex is selling her 2013 PSE Stiletto (BareBow). $500 OBO. Only reason she is selling is because she is upgrading to a newer model. Specs: 50lb 6" Brace Height 29 3/4" Axel to Axel 75% Letoff Draw Length 23" to 27 1/2" RH Here is a link to the bow...
  3. sureshot

    Cape Needed

    A good friend of mine is wanting to get a buck mounted that he shot a few years back and didn't have the money to get mounted at the time. His taxidermist does not have any capes. He is not the most computer literate individual, so I figured that I would ask here to see if any of you have one...
  4. sureshot

    Doubled Up w/ The Bows!

    My good friend, Hucks, and I doubled about a week or so ago. The hunt was textbook….birds gobbled on roost, I gave them 2-3 series of soft yelps, and boom….here they come. I shot mine and he only ran about 10yards before falling over. In the below picture, you can see him laying in the upper...
  5. sureshot

    The World Is Ending

    There is nothing good left. All the deer are dead. We are doomed.
  6. sureshot

    Rookie Is Dead; Successful Swap

    Some of you may remember earlier this year when I posted a photo of a mule deer that I had killed in Montana……that hunt was part of a swap hunt; Montana Muleys for Iowa Whitetails. We were 2 for 2 in Montana and were ready to return the favor. Well, the guys we did the swap hunt with, Josh and...
  7. sureshot

    2013 PSE DNA in Skullworks

    I'm selling my 2013 PSE DNA. It is black and in skullworks camo. I purchased this brand new in September and it has less than 300 arrows shot through it. The reason I am selling it is because I will purchase the brand new model this upcoming year. Fast shooting bow. Smooth, quiet. $500 with...
  8. sureshot

    Big Mulie Down!

    I've always wanted to hunt out west for elk or mule deer but had never found the time to do so. Last year I was approached by a friend from Montana who was going to draw an Iowa late season muzzleloader tag. He wanted to know if I would be interested in doing a swap hunt with him. I explained...
  9. sureshot

    Wild Card's Last Stand

    For those of you who would rather watch the video of the hunt, simply click the following link; Wild Card's Last Stand Video The story of 'Wild Card' starts in the fall of 2011 when I believe that he made his first appearance on my cameras that particular year (I cannot 100% say it's him, but...
  10. sureshot

    Clarke County

    I recently took a new job in Clarke County. It feels great to get back to southern Iowa! :way: Guess what I'm wondering are if any of you have any leads to houses to rent there? I've been checking craigslist and a few other outlets, but I haven't found much. Gonna rent until I get a good...
  11. sureshot

    Kevin's First Buck

    "Kevin's First Buck" Below is the story, if you'd also like to watch the video, click here; Kevin's First Buck Video Last year during Iowa's youth season I introduced my step brother, Kevin, to deer hunting. He killed a doe, and has since been hooked! *here is a picture of Kevin's doe...
  12. sureshot

    TV- Ruining Deer Hunting?

    So, lately I can't help but notice a few comments about 'TV' ruining deer hunting....or, something along those lines. What's your opinion on this? Has deer hunting on TV ruined hunting? Have you learned anything from it......Or is it the devil? What about facebook? Forums like...
  13. sureshot

    Been Awhile- Trail Cam Update

    It's been a super busy summer for me thus far, so I apologize for not posting as frequently as I typically do. Figured I'd give you all a taste of what's been showing up on my trail cameras thus far.....not going to get into any detail on the different bucks, but figured you'd at least like...
  14. sureshot

    AJ Is Back!

    AJ, a buck that I have followed now for 3 years showed back up on the cameras this week...and bigger than ever. This deer is a weird one....very timid, and generally always by himself. All of the photos I have of him, he's staring intently at the camera as if he knows he's being watched...
  15. sureshot

    2010 Bowtech Destroyer 340

    2010 Bowtech Destroyer 340. 26-31inches. 80% let off. 60lbs. 340ft/sec. Brand new strings/cables w/ zero shots. Camo. Leaving my trophy taker dropaway rest on it. $425. PM me for pictures.
  16. sureshot

    The 'Fan Trick' Does It Again!

    So, sometimes I'd rather be lucky than good! On the afternoon/evening of the 13th, I didn't plan on hunting....however, as I was walking into the local Wally World one of my good friends called me and said 'GET OVER HERE, THERE ARE 3 BIG TOMS STRUTTING BEHIND MY HOUSE!' These birds were...
  17. sureshot

    Girlfriend Is Tagged Out

    My girlfriend, Alex, had already filled her bow tag while utilizing the ‘reaping’ method a few weeks back. However, we were unable to capture any footage of that particular kill, so with a shotgun tag in hand, Alex was ready to lay the smack down on a bearded bird on film. It was around...
  18. sureshot

    2012 Bow Buck Back From Taxi (Reinertson Custom Taxidermy)

    In the late morning hours of November 4th, I took down my stand and sticks and decided to relocate to another side of the farm in hopes of killing my #1 target buck, 'Rookie.' As I was making my way through the draw towards the location of my next setup, I noticed movement 60yds ahead of me...
  19. sureshot

    Finally Filled My Iowa Bow Tag (Story and Video)

    Story below, but if you'd rather watch the video, click the link provided: "Bloody Saturday Video" Finally. Finally…..man, that word feels good to say. I have hunted hard with the bow here in Iowa, and continued to come up short due to a poor shot, or just a close call that didn’t work out...
  20. sureshot

    Girlyfriend Gets'r Done

    Alex called me today around 12:30 while I was at work and said, "There is a big tom in the field by the house, should I go after him with the fan?" I said, 'sure, go for it.' About an hour later she sent me a picture message of a dead bird. She snuck out of the fenceline with the...
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