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Search results

  1. Two Beards

    Arrow clearance problem w/Blazers and Trophy Taker

    I fletched up some new arrows Axis ST's with 2" Blazers with a small degree of right helical. During the course of trying to get my fixed blades and field tips to hit the same, I moved my TT (Shakey Hunter) around....and now have screwed up things to the point that I'm getting 'skid marks' on my...
  2. Two Beards

    Stuck in Las Vegas

    Not that anyone here needs reminded of how lucky we are to live in Iowa or the midwest, but in case you've forgot...here are a couple of pics to remind you . I travel to the southwest quite often and every time I come out here I just can't believe anyone would actually choose to live out here...
  3. Two Beards

    Easton A/C Super Slims?

    Anyone have any feedback on these? ...or better yet, actually had a chance to shoot them? Looks to me like a potentially great hunting arrow....I may have to dig up another coffee can in the backyard Easton A/C Super Slim
  4. Two Beards

    Success Saturday morning for "Mrs. Must_Hunt"

    My good friend Jody, or "Mrs. Must_Hunt" in this case, shot this great looking buck this morning just after sunrise. I was told it was a 60 yard broadside shot and he only traveled 70 yards. Jody, I know you have paid your "dues" before today's opportunity. Tim has told me how many bucks you...
  5. Two Beards

    Need some quick advice on a spotting scope?

    I'm kind of on short notice, so I thought I would post here instead of the 'tech forum'. I probably could have picked a better time then the eve before the shotgun opener, but I'm heading back to bowhunt Illinois on Monday. I'm looking for a decent spotting scope in the $200-400 range, is this...
  6. Two Beards

    Had a screw-in step break off last night!!!

    Just got back today from a few days bowhunting in Illinois. Last night I think I used up one of my 9 lives. I had just taken my stand down and was in the process of removing my screw-in steps. As we all get at times, my patience were thin and I was exhausted from the lack of sleep the last few...
  7. Two Beards

    Iowa season is over...off to Illinois

    Well I'm always a little torn after filling my bow tag...on one hand I feel blessed to put my tag on a great buck, however after spending 11 months getting prepared for the magical time we call the "rut" I feel a bit lost knowing it's over for another year . Luckily, this year I purchased a...
  8. Two Beards

    Same buck as last year?

    Not to beat this topic to death , but I'm curious to see if anyone thinks the buck we got pictures of a few days ago might be the same buck we got a picture of last September (26th). At first, when my brother asked, I thought, not a chance...but, now I'm not so sure? Anyhow, pretty good series...
  9. Two Beards

    August Pics

    We got these pics on our cameras this past month. Unfortunately we lost part of a roll today when my brother accidently exposed the film....smooth . Several of the pics were taken within 20 yards of stands we have hung . These sheds are from this past spring...all from the same field. Anyone...
  10. Two Beards

    Early July pics...

    I got these pics on the 6th and 15th...right before my computer got hammered with a virus ...what a nightmare . A word of advice...keep your antivirus software updated . I hope to get some more pics of the wide 8 taken on the 6th, anxious to see how much tine length he gets. The pic from the...
  11. Two Beards

    They're beginning to take shape...

    I developed my first couple rolls of film today and got a few decent pics from this roll...I won't mention the other . Looks like these two bucks have some potential . ... and little does he know but I have a arrow waiting for this one.
  12. Two Beards

    Anyone else get pics like this before?

    In the 4 years I've had my cameras...never had this happen before. I've got two cameras on the same fenceline a 150 yards apart, this roll had 8 other pics like this these , fortunately the other camera's film was spared .
  13. Two Beards

    2003 Gobbler mount

    I shot this gobbler w/my bow 4-14-03...and just picked him up the other day. Seems like a long time for a turkey, seeing as though I get my deer shoulder mounts back in 9-10 months. Anyhow I thought he turned out pretty good, though I wish I'd have done a full body now. It sure brings back a...
  14. Two Beards

    Replacement fiber optic strands for my Spot-Hogg?

    I looked my bow over for the first time today since the season ended a couple of weeks ago. A couple of the fiber optic strands are cracked/broken on my Spot-Hogg and I need to replace them. I've got a couple of green strands to use, just happen to need red and yellow. Any suggestions?
  15. Two Beards

    Merriam hunt in SD or Nebraska-need some advice...

    Any advice on finding a good merriam hunt for this spring? My dad is 71 and has always wanted a chance to hunt these beautiful birds, me too. I thought it might be a great gift for him, and that we could enjoy it together. I had what appeared to be a good lead - not sure if it was Nebraska or...
  16. Two Beards

    Cody Fitzgerald 11 Pointer

    Nice looking buck, bow kill? Congrats to you. Would love to hear the story... TB
  17. Two Beards

    Any turkeys harvested this fall?

    Just curious to know if anyone has harvested a turkey this fall.I buy a bow tag each fall in case I get lucky while deer hunting...had a couple of close calls,but it's awfully tough to get to full draw from a treestand...wish I could put my Double Bull blind up in the tree with me!!! TB
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