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Search results

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  1. baggin_bucks

    Deer Feeders

    Just bought and put up a Cabela's 30 gal deer feeder. Just curious for those of you that have them what do you have your feeding times set for? I run mine once a day in the morning for a 20 sec cycle. I don't know if that is to much or not enough? I figure once the coons, deer and hopefully...
  2. baggin_bucks

    Fall Seeding Options

    There was a little misunderstanding with the guy that combined our beans this year and he ended up picking the beans that were suppose to be left for the food plot. Is there anything that I can plant now that will be in by the time it's to cold for anything to grow? It is not necessarily to...
  3. baggin_bucks

    Story on MSN front page

  4. baggin_bucks

    First Coyote

    I'm not sure how many years I've had trail cams but I have never had a pic of a coyote. I finally got one. Must be eating alot of rabbits because he looks pretty darn healthy. The other thing I got on this card pull was a doe and triplets, I've never gotten that on camera before either I thought...
  5. baggin_bucks

    Little Helper

    I was sighting in my new bow sight last night and the little man wanted to shoot the target with his bow too. I was suprised if he hit it just right where the target is worn it was going into the target. He is almost four and is doing really good with his bow. Our biggest obsticle was that he is...
  6. baggin_bucks

    First Camera Pull

    Pulled my cards earlier today. Couple of smaller bucks. Thought the doe and fawn pic was kind of neat. Guarding the Mineral lick Nothing impressive just thought I'd share them.
  7. baggin_bucks

    Moultrie I40

    Just wondering if any of you with the I40 have any problems with them working when it is real cold out? I have some of the Moultrie Flash cameras and they work great except when it's really cold. I'm finding the I40's pretty reasonable for an IR camera and just wondering if they carry the same...
  8. baggin_bucks

    Daddie's Little Girl!!!!!

    Well I can finally say I have a Daddie's little girl and my little Princess and all that good stuff that comes with having a girl. Today at 4:32 p.m. our little girl was born. Her older brother thinks she is pretty darn cool and wants to keep her. :) Makenna Mills Capper 7.6 lbs. 21" long...
  9. baggin_bucks

    Little Help

    Trying to find a recipe for a home made mineral lick. Every search I bring up has a link but it doesn't work. Anyone have one they could share.
  10. baggin_bucks


    Last fall we had a 25 acre part of our ground redone in wetlands. It is along a river bottom and is flooded at least once a year. It turned out great and the critters are loving it. Yesterday I ran across deer, turkey, geese and ducks. Just thought I would share some pics. This is in the...
  11. baggin_bucks

    Apple Trees

    Anyone ever cleared out an acre or so of timber and planted a small apple orchard? I have 32 acres of timber part of which many years ago use to be pasture/timber. There is a natural bedding area on the south and north east side of the timber. I was thinking of clearing an acre or so in the...
  12. baggin_bucks

    Badlands Packs

    I've been using a walmart camo backpack for several years but I'm in need of new one. Just curious what the deal is with the badlands packs, I hear a ton of hype about them. Is it the durability or storage capacity or what? I guess fill me in with what you like about yours and which one you...
  13. baggin_bucks

    Done deal!!!

    I closed on our new timber today. I would love to go in and mow some paths because it is so thick but I'm not sure if I want to do it this close to bow season. Do you think it will affect the deer to much or is a couple of months enough time for them to get settled in and start using the trails?
  14. baggin_bucks

    What to Do???????

    Just got a small piece of timber bought. It's 31 acres of upland timber. Mature hardwoods of oak hickory and such, multiflora rose, and small trees. Very very, thick. I know thick is good, but, I can't even hardly walk through the place. The piece is adjoined with hundreds of acres of big...
  15. baggin_bucks

    Outdoor Wood Burner

    Anyone have one of these? wood boiler I've been looking at these over the last couple of months. I have it narrowed down to the Woodmaster brand, just wondering if any of you have first hand experience with them. I have talked to a couple of guys with them and they love them. I have...
  16. baggin_bucks

    Smoker Recipes

    Received my smoker I've been wanting from Santa. I have a deer roast and some backstraps I'm wanting to try in it. Anyone have any recipes or suggestions on what to use for a rub or marinade?
  17. baggin_bucks

    NWSG ?'s / Suggestions Welcome

    I have canary grass covering almost all of my bottom ground that is not timber. I would love to get a stand of NWSG in it's place but don't know if it would be a waste of time/money considering how invasive the canary grass is. I do have one small section of about 5 acres that was brome...
  18. baggin_bucks

    Things are getting hot!!!!

    My dad took this picture this morning off of his deck. The buck just finished tending a doe.
  19. baggin_bucks

    Neat Pic

    Nothing big....thought it was a neat pic though.
  20. baggin_bucks

    what do you think?

    Haven't posted for awhile. First pic I've got of this guy...just wondering what you guys think as far as age and score. I'm thinking 2.5 maybe 3.5 yrs and 120 - 130'ish am I far off?