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Search results

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    At Least it Wasn’t a _ _ _ _ Broadhead

    Did that affect antler growth at all? Crazy
  2. B

    Deer hunting insight for 2022 first gun season

    Late to the party but here's my 2 cents. Is it a lease or permission spot? And is it sole? Hate to say it but there's lot of places that aren't supposed to get pushed that do up here. So even if you aren't expecting people to be there be ready for it. I'd dress warm, bring food and drinks and...
  3. B

    New from Colorado, license question

    As stated you get one anysex tag and one "antlerless" tag. The antlerless tag is good for any deer without a forked antler(doe, button buck or spike).
  4. B

    2022 IA public land 8 point

    Dandy. Congrats on a stud 8
  5. B

    No Limt

    Awesome buck and awesome story. Where was the muzzy shot?
  6. B

    Alex's 1st archery deer

    Awesome. Congrats to both of you
  7. B

    2022 Buck

  8. B

    First sit of the year buck!

    Congrats again CCJ
  9. B

    Rut Action/Movement Reports

    Yesterday afternoon wad a dud for me. However from the minute I climbed up this morning there was deer in sight. 7 different bucks, 1 hot doe and 1 doe family group. Watched the hot doe get bred more times than I can count and lay back down in the CRP with the buck I'm after. They just moved...
  10. B

    Rut Action/Movement Reports

    Out and about alot for work and spending the nights scouting from a distance. Have seen a few big bucks with the early hot does acting like it is November 7th. Also had a day walker yesterday afternoon on camera that was a borderline shooter. It's about go time. Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
  11. B

    Hearing protection???

    Check camofire also. They usually have them on there fairly often
  12. B

    Passing bucks and success rate

    Not entirely sure how many deer we've passed, we have killed, I don't keep good enough records, but probably quite a few. I've been pretty singling out 1 deer and going all in on that deer. By default I'm passing up alot of other deer that are killable by just not hunting them. I have also...
  13. B

    Hearing protection???

    I'm curious as well. I was looking at the Walkers ear bud style but don't know anybody who has used them
  14. B

    Absolute World Class Typical

    Incredible buck. What we all dream about
  15. B

    Minnesota buck

    Dandy. Congrats
  16. B

    What do you think this is?!

    After the deer picture I'm swayed to lean cougar. Looking at the pic on my phone. Also first glance I zoomed in on the solid black line behind the neck but I convinced myself there was no way. That's not a collar like WI Transplant had is it?
  17. B

    What do you think this is?!

    Agree with others. Definitely kitty, would go bobcat based on proportions.
  18. B

    Dang coyotes

    They sure make quick work of them. I've had way more on camera than normal so that is gonna play into when and where I'm shooting does for the freezer
  19. B

    Didnt expect this on my trail cam!!!!

    Those are awesome. Should make for fun walks in the dark!
  20. B

    TheMadCatter’s 2022 Adventure Thread

    Didn't you buy all the antlerless tags for your county to keep people from hunting because you started a guide business? Not so different it seems.
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