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Search results

  1. deerhunter93

    Heavy 10 down

    I believe this is only the second buck I have killed that I have specifically targeted. I didn’t get any pictures of him until the middle of October and he was the only buck on that property that I wanted to chase. I had hunted in there quite a few times with no sightings of him. On the evening...
  2. deerhunter93

    Food plot in CRP on permission farm

    I have a permission farm that has CRP and I was wondering what I need to do in order to get "permission" to put in a food plot? Do I need to just get the OK from the landowner? Need to work through the FSA office? Or is there something else I need to do?
  3. deerhunter93

    Boot gaiter recommendations

    I'm contemplating buying some boot gaiters and I'm interested on hearing which ones you like or don't like. They would mainly be for pheasant hunting and shed hunting around here. Any recommendations?
  4. deerhunter93

    Binocular recommendations

    What is a good middle of the road, probably under $300 or so, binocular for hunting whitetails in Iowa? I know a lot of guys like Vortex for their customer service/warranty but do they have the best glass for the money? I see Bushnell, Leupold, and Nikon all have fairly similar warranties. I'll...
  5. deerhunter93

    Putting a food plot in cedar thicket

    I have a 40 acre heavily timbered and heavy cedar property that I can put food plots on and I was wondering if there is anything I should take into consideration when chainsawing cedars and putting in a small 1/4-1/3 acre food plot next year? It is a mix of young cedars and grasses with pockets...
  6. deerhunter93

    Looking for HHA slider sight tapes

    Does anyone have HHA slider sight tapes they want to get rid of? I purchased a new to me bow before last fall and it just has a blank sight tape with pen lines drawn on for ranges. Mine is the HHA optimizer lite. I know I can buy some online but wanted to check if anyone had some laying around...
  7. deerhunter93

    Fun season!

    It was another great spring of turkey hunting for me even with adding a second kiddo to the family. I was able to get out for a quick hunt during second season and had to make an audible when they roosted in a different spot. I snuck through the timber as it was getting light and saw them...
  8. deerhunter93

    What type of grass for ATV trail/crossing

    I'm looking for suggestions for a fast growing grass that has good roots and can help slow erosion on ATV/access trails? We have a pretty much dirt trail that goes downhill for 40 yards or so towards a creek crossing and we are wanting to get something to grow there to help slow runoff/erosion...
  9. deerhunter93

    Broadhead issues

    I know this should have happened months ago and not a few days into the season but here's my issue. I purchased a used Elite E35 late spring, took months for the new mods to be shipped and put on my bow, and at the archery shop I got it paper tuned. It was probably sometime in late July when I...
  10. deerhunter93

    Tagged out

    Turkey season was short but sweet for me this year. After two hunts of a combined 3 hours between getting myself a bird 2nd season and helping my brother get one during 3rd season I was looking forward to spending more time in the turkey woods during 4th. My game plan was to get on a long ridge...
  11. deerhunter93

    Got it done

    Initially I was leaning towards going during 3rd season based on my schedule but we switched up schedules at work on Thursday and the forecast looked a little rainy during 3rd season (I don't trust it that far out but figured I had time to hunt 2nd anyway). I had only deer hunted this farm in...
  12. deerhunter93

    WTB DSD jake

    Does anyone have a DSD jake they want to get rid of?
  13. deerhunter93

    Hunting near highways/interstates

    Jumping on the property questions. What are your thoughts of hunting properties that are directly next to major highways or interstates? Have you had success in these situations in harvesting older bucks or do the highways/interstates seem to keep the overall age structure of the deer lower due...
  14. deerhunter93

    Tagged out

    Worked overnight Friday night, slept an hour Saturday morning, have a newborn at home so off and on sleep Saturday night until 3:15am Sunday morning to get up and turkey hunt... Sounds like a great idea right? Well, we got it done. Last week I called the landowner to hunt a farm I have only...
  15. deerhunter93

    Little jake down!

    My wife and I welcomed our first child on April 1st so turkey hunting time took a back seat but I was able to sneak out Sunday morning for a fun hunt that ended with no shots fired. Yesterday afternoon I was able to get out again for a couple hours and I got permission on a farm to hunt just...
  16. deerhunter93

    Don't ignore the Legislative Forum

    Please head over to the Legislative Forum and check out some of the bills being pushed through currently. Whatever your stance is on things really doesn't matter to me because I won't be able to change your mind but PLEASE don't sit back and think nothing is going to be changing. It takes 5...
  17. deerhunter93

    November 13th success

    It has been a pretty good year for me as far as seeing deer and some nice bucks. I was able to shoot two does in October and was pretty patient on going after bucks until the end of October and into November. November 13th I climbed into a tree on top of a big main ridge with multiple ridges...
  18. deerhunter93

    Gun safes

    It's time to invest in a gun safe. Half of my guns are still at my parents, half are scattered around my place. I think I have 6 long guns and most have scopes but I'm sure I'll add to that number over time. My wife said to get one that I wont have to upgrade in a few years so she is on board to...
  19. deerhunter93

    Double down - thanks Skip!

    I'll start this off with a big thank you to Skip for allowing me to hunt a farm this spring. I picked a turkey hunt out of the prizes for the big buck contest and it was amazing to share the hunt with my Dad and be on a great deer/turkey/wildlife/habitat farm! The plan of attack was to get into...
  20. deerhunter93

    Bird down

    Dad and I were able to get out and hunt together this year. I've been fortunate to share many turkey hunts with him over the years and we were able to get it done yesterday sitting against a tree that we've had good success at in the past. There weren't any gobbles real close in the morning but...
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