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Search results

  1. deerhunter93

    Heavy 10 down

    Thanks Danny! Things are going well and I hope the same for you!
  2. deerhunter93

    11/12 Buck

    Great buck!!
  3. deerhunter93

    Heavy 10 down

    I believe this is only the second buck I have killed that I have specifically targeted. I didn’t get any pictures of him until the middle of October and he was the only buck on that property that I wanted to chase. I had hunted in there quite a few times with no sightings of him. On the evening...
  4. deerhunter93

    11/20/22 buck

    Heck of a buck! Congrats!
  5. deerhunter93

    No Limt

    Heck of a buck! Congrats!!
  6. deerhunter93

    2022 bow buck!

    Great buck, congrats!!
  7. deerhunter93

    Veterans Day Same Tree Back to Back

    Great buck and really cool to be 10 feet up and shoot one at 6 yards!
  8. deerhunter93

    Didnt expect this on my trail cam!!!!

    What general area?
  9. deerhunter93

    Didnt expect this on my trail cam!!!!

    Valentine NE to Albia is 480 miles driving. I can't wrap my head around that.
  10. deerhunter93

    Hudson's first two deer

    Doesn't get any better than that! Congratulations to you all! Great job Hudson!
  11. deerhunter93


    Good deal, thanks for the info! We have about 1.5 acres that need it so not too terribly much.
  12. deerhunter93


    A couple questions: Can you spray clethodim on brassicas that just germinated or would it be best to wait a couple weeks for them to get more established/bigger? With spraying clethodim people talk about adding AMS - I'm guessing that is ammonium sulfate. Can someone help me out on what/where...
  13. deerhunter93


    Thanks guys! I'll be on standby until we get some quality rain chances and I'll take the backpack sprayer with me when the time comes to kill off any emerging weeds.
  14. deerhunter93


    I know the saying is rain or shine, July 29 but I can't get myself to broadcast my brassicas with how dry it has been and no real decent chance of rain in sight. What would you guys say is the minimum rainfall amount you'd want to get a brassica plot started? I have a property within 10 minutes...
  15. deerhunter93

    Fall seed for sale

    Are you willing to split things up or you're just looking to sell it all together?
  16. deerhunter93

    Anyone ever use a hand held weed wiper?

    I didn't know there was a tool/equipment that you use to wipe herbicide on weeds so he very well could be talking about that. Either way I think there are a couple good options!
  17. deerhunter93

    Anyone ever use a hand held weed wiper?

    I bought a 3 blade steel brush cutter head for my weed eater and it was a great buy. I think I paid somewhere around $15 for it and it has lasted two years so far. I've done a few poor man plots with it - using it to clear the brush originally and to maintain/"mow" small clover plots. It has...
  18. deerhunter93

    “The Land Podcast” link & Iowawhitetail discussion….

    I really enjoyed listening to the podcast! In regards to those "deals", would you say you find most of your purchases through word of mouth/hunting for deals or through agents? And that question is for anyone who has bought and sold some farms. As someone who is actively looking right now, its...
  19. deerhunter93

    Land prices / insane!!!

    There are lots of variables here but a 160 in a great hunting area right now appears to be around the $6,000 per acre mark. Blows my mind but that seems to be where we're at with land prices in Iowa now. Me personally, I don't want to spend over 5k/acre and can't afford more than a 40 acre...
  20. deerhunter93

    Ryder’s First Bird

    Way to go Ryder!!! Sounds like a super exciting hunt and no better ending!
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