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Search results

  1. livetohunt

    Tree Decoy

    Cut a large branch from a maple tree last year. Put it in the ground 30 yards in front of my blind in a large hay field. It looked like a small tree. Within 2 weeks it had been torn apart and rubbed on.
  2. livetohunt


    I fly one at work sometimes to scout our crop fields among other things including doing population estimates and densities of our deer herd in the winter. Ours has a live feed 4k camera that is crystal clear. As stated before it is much louder than most people realize. It sounds like a very...
  3. livetohunt

    shot one tonight

    Found him this morning pics and story to come soon. 13 points with a busted droptine. Rough scored him at 153.
  4. livetohunt

    shot one tonight

    I started this in the November movement thread. Since that post I started on the blood. I jumped a little buck and he ran right to where my buck was a sure enough he scared my buck up in a big commotion. He walked away on the ridge limping really bad. I decided to make a big circle back to my...
  5. livetohunt

    November movement

    Got into my stand at 330 today. At 345 had a nice shooter working toward me down the draw. I stopped him just short of my 35 yard mark and released. Looked like a heart shot to me. He ran off stopped for awhile then slowly walked away limping badly. I just got down and looked at my arrow good...
  6. livetohunt

    November movement

    Saw 2 shooter bucks grunting and chasing does this evening. Also saw about 15 does and a few little bucks. Saw more tonight than the last several hunts combined.
  7. livetohunt

    November movement

    Sat till 10 this morning and saw no deer.
  8. livetohunt

    November movement

    Just checked my cam by my blind after climbing out. One of my target bucks a 160 inch 8 point was with a doe 10 yards from my blind for 2 hours yesterday morning from 730 till 930. Missed him by a day dang it.
  9. livetohunt

    Lab puppies

    Thanks for the info. I'll keep this in mind.
  10. livetohunt

    Lab puppies

    How much are you asking for puppues?
  11. livetohunt

    buying land

    I am looking at buying a piece of land owned by a neighbor. It is 30 acres total and i would like to buy 12 acres of it. 9.5 acres timber a 2 acre pond very shallow with no fish and about a half acre of pasture. The csr rating is 38.18 the land value of the 30.51 acres is $40030. I figure...
  12. livetohunt

    plot seeded

    Good to hear. I think it's about 60% clover.
  13. livetohunt

    plot seeded

    I just got one of my plots seeded today. How do yall think it will do being planted this late. It's a frigid forage wild game buffet mix.
  14. livetohunt

    Need help with reviews

    I have 3 of the truth cam 35 ultras I believe is the name. I've had them out for 3 years now and have not had any complaints yet.
  15. livetohunt

    CVA Optima

    Just bought an optima last week, otherwise I'd buy this in a heartbeat. Great gun and price.
  16. livetohunt

    wild game buffet

    Has anyone tried frigid forage wild game buffet? I'm thinking of planting some next week.
  17. livetohunt


    ive had a complete elbow reconstruction and I now shoot a crossbow. I have had a Barnett preadator 375. I had it chronographed at 384 fps, and it shoot tight groups. I bought it a year old for fairly cheap and really like it. i shot my first deer with it last year and am very pleased.
  18. livetohunt

    Crossbows soon to be legal???

    I had an elbow injury a few years ago and can no longer draw and shoot a compound bow. I have since bought a crossbow and use that. I absolutely love bow hunting, and the crossbow allows me to still do that. Being I am only 25 now the disability crossbow permit I like, however it does get...
  19. livetohunt

    Jan 10 @ 5:10

    No coyote damage. He was fine.
  20. livetohunt

    thoughts on shot

    Pics in Jan [email protected] 5:10 thread
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