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Search results

  1. KCCyclone

    Nikon D3100 DSLR For Sale

    Camera has been sold.
  2. KCCyclone

    Nikon D3100 DSLR For Sale

    I am looking to upgrade my DSLR to a more advanced model. The Nikon D3100 is Nikon's latest model and is great for beginning/semi-advanced photographers. I have had the camera for about six months and love it. But as I have become more involved with photography and filming hunts, I have...
  3. KCCyclone

    Kansas Turks... (FINAL HUNT ADDED!!! "Tommy Tags Out")

    Good luck Thomas. What part of the state will you be hunting in? We'll be down in Linn and Anderson Counties in east-central Kansas.
  4. KCCyclone

    NE Kansas?

    I live in KC and hunt NW Missouri (about 20 minutes from the MO River) and also hunt east-central KS. It really depends on where you go in NE KS....there is actually quite a bit of terrain/land variations depending on how far north, south, east and west you go. You either have the cedar/CRP up...
  5. KCCyclone


    If you're wanting more of the handycam style, I would try to find one that has a manual focus ring on the lens (not just a small dial). There is a website that offers these for $50 to put on to your typical HD handycam, but they are only available for a number of products. May want to pick one...
  6. KCCyclone

    Bushnell Trophy Cam

    We have half a dozen Trophy Cams and they work great for us. If you have problems with the camera, send it back. Bushnell has by far the best customer service I've ever dealt with. I have had to return a couple cameras due to different issues, but each time they gave us a new camera that...
  7. KCCyclone

    Bushnell Trophy Cam

    If anyone has access to the Bushnell store in KC (there are two here), they sell the 2009 version (5 MP) for $110 or $120. Great deal!
  8. KCCyclone

    Sony DSR PD-150 Prosumer Camcorder Package For Sale

    Price drop down to $1,000. This is a great camera for anyone that is starting to get serious on filming hunts. If you have any questions on the camera, let me know!
  9. KCCyclone

    Sony DSR PD-150 Prosumer Camcorder Package For Sale

    If anyone is interested in the camera, I will be at the Classic on Friday and Saturday and can bring it up to show you. It's a great camera for anyone intersted in going further with filming your hunts.
  10. KCCyclone

    Sony DSR PD-150 Prosumer Camcorder Package For Sale

    I am selling my Sony PD-150 prosumer camcorder. The camera is in extremely good shape and has relatively low hours. The camera was only used for the past six months and was treated like a baby! I am asking $1,000 for the package below, but am willing to consider any reasonable offers. Thanks...
  11. KCCyclone

    Chew lid artwork

    Muddy, Do you know if he makes anything deer related?
  12. KCCyclone

    Best "Stuff" & Gear of 2010 Season

    I think one of the best products I purchased this year was a Muddy harness. It's so much quicker to put on than the standard harness you get with every stand and it is extremely comfortable.
  13. KCCyclone

    Another Legend Has Fallen

    Well he was finally unofficially scored yesterday and went 180 3/4 gross and netted 174 1/2. Too bad he broke off more than 10 inches as well. Great buck though and was really fun chasing him for as long as we did. Now on to the next Kansas giant!!
  14. KCCyclone

    Gettin Worried

    Personally, I think this year, in particular, is really hard to judge the actual number of deer in one's herd. We run a dozen or so cameras and nearlly all of our movement has occurred at night....hence why we're not seeing anything while on stand. I don't know if it had something to do with...
  15. KCCyclone

    Another Legend Has Fallen

    Our neighbor and good friend was fortunate enough to finally be in the right place at the right time on Christmas Eve. At 4:00 PM Crab Claw "9", a buck that we've been chasing for three years finally made a mistake and Craig took full advantage of it. We'd been hunting this buck really hard the...
  16. KCCyclone

    The Kansas Clan 2010

    Great pics Chad! HB's Season 4 is going to be awesome. The White brothers have definitely added a couple of awesome shows to the series. I can't wait to see the spot and stalk on Nick's buck with two different camera angles!
  17. KCCyclone

    Video Cameras

    If you're not concerned with low light capabilities, your options are pretty much endless. Seems now you can pick up a very nice handheld HD camcorder for under $500. Guess it just depends on how much you want to spend....
  18. KCCyclone

    A Buck of a Lifetime

    Hey guys, Unfortunately there isn't much of a history behind this buck, but a good friend of ours was fortunate to harvest a truely, once in a lifetime buck during the first five minutes of Missouri's 2010 rifle season. Our friend Lee has been hunting his entire life and has definitely earned...
  19. KCCyclone


    X a million! Plus most harnesses are free. And if someone or a youth needs one, I think I have 25+ sitting in a rubbermaid in the garage that are still in the bag.
  20. KCCyclone

    Our 2010 MO and KS Hit List

    Season opens up on Wednesday! Hopefully on the 23rd, Midwest Whitetail will be airing an early season harvest for our group! :D
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