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Search results

  1. FinBonZ

    Diaphragm calls

    Natural Addiction Calls (Billy McCallister and Del Crow) and also Mark Shortridge. PM me if you have any questions or can't get ahold of them.
  2. FinBonZ

    Fall turkey hunters

    If anyone is out this Fall and harvests a turkey, please keep your jake and hen (especially) wings. PM me for shipping details. Thanks ahead of time for your help!!
  3. FinBonZ

    2nd Season Bird

    Great bird! That's a Booner!!
  4. FinBonZ

    2nd season Tom

    PM me your email address and I will send some instructions.
  5. FinBonZ

    2nd season Tom

    Thanks BigBuck! I donate to organizations all over the country. I have donated one for the last few years here for the turkey hunting contest. Yes, I do sell them also. PM me if you have any questions.
  6. FinBonZ

    2nd season Tom

    After botching my first setup, I got on this bird about 30 minutes later. One of my wingbones along with a combo cut from Natural Addition was more than he could handle! Not too long of spurs (7/8"), but he weighed 23# and had a double beard (7 1/4" and 10 1/2".) Beautiful morning...
  7. FinBonZ

    My best turkey yet

    Impressive! He must have ate well over the winter!!
  8. FinBonZ

    My 7 yr old son's first turkey !

    Great job!!
  9. FinBonZ

    Oklahoma Rio

    Beautiful bird! Congrats!!
  10. FinBonZ

    Your Go too call.

    Heck ya!! Thanks for the shout out Horse Dr.! Please send me harvests pics!
  11. FinBonZ

    Custom made slate calls for sale

    Nice looking pot calls, Perry!
  12. FinBonZ

    IBA Spring Banquet February 13th 2016

    No wonder it went well at auction............ thanks Bonker!!
  13. FinBonZ

    181" Iowa Whitetail

    Nice looking buck and a cool trophy wall. Really like the harvest photos next to the mounts!
  14. FinBonZ

    October 25th SE Iowa Buck

    Awesome buck Bryan!
  15. FinBonZ

    youth 870 NIB

    Donnellson. SE Iowa. Possible trade. Looking for a semi auto 12 (1187, 1100, M1) or a Bowtech (Tribute.)
  16. FinBonZ

    youth 870 NIB

    Price reduced to $300. Also have a regular 870 20 express. NIB also $300.
  17. FinBonZ

    How long should I wait

    Well played my friend!
  18. FinBonZ

    HuntnChick's 2015 Buck!

    An amazing hunt! Great job!!
  19. FinBonZ

    No hands buck

    Great buck Perry!
  20. FinBonZ

    youth 870 NIB

    Remington 870 Express youth model 20 gauge. Wood stocks. 21 inch barrel. New in box. $325.
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