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Search results

  1. Thinkin Rut

    2nd year seedlings question

    How much 13-13-13 per tree is a safe rate? Thanks in advance!
  2. Thinkin Rut

    Frostless frost seeding

    There's no way of predicting mother nature but this warmth is making me wonder what to think about my switch seeding that is supposed to take place tomorrow. Throw it on the ground and hope for cooler weather the second half of the month into early April? Is that even enough time? This ground...
  3. Thinkin Rut

    prescribed burn and Atrazine

    I know seed can take fire if not too hot...curious what the affect to atrazine would be after its been sprayed? thanks
  4. Thinkin Rut

    Planting Cedars

    As I see all the cedars growing everywhere but where I want them, I was curious if you can plant Cedars without killing the vegetation or would you get quicker growth by killing the grass? And if killing the vegetation would be beneficial, could you get it killed before the trees would arrive...
  5. Thinkin Rut

    Gly drift

  6. Thinkin Rut

    Watering trees

    I thought that might have been behind me for the year and I could stay out of my hunting areas before season but it's looking dry again. Any thoughts on that from the serious tree planters out there?
  7. Thinkin Rut

    Weed ID

    Is this weed something that can be controlled by mowing?
  8. Thinkin Rut

    Imox and frost seeded clover

    Can you spray clover right out of the gate or is it better to mow the weeds early on and wait till late summer to spray? Thanks
  9. Thinkin Rut

    Fencing question

    I have a nice brushy fence line that needs a new fence. I'd like to keep as much of the cover as possible...what is a minimum amount of room they would need to install if I hired it done? Thanks for any input!
  10. Thinkin Rut

    Tree tubes and T posts

    Has anyone had any adverse effects on the root system pulling out T posts after your trees have broken out of the tubes or would a lesser stake work better?
  11. Thinkin Rut

    Just what we need

  12. Thinkin Rut

    landscaping erosion mats

    Where is a good place to buy the erosion mats for bale blinds? Preferably around Des Moines. Thanks for any suggestions.
  13. Thinkin Rut

    Two more items

    12 ga express 20 inch slug barrel $90 Youth stock for 10/22 Ruger $40 (shown with full size)
  14. Thinkin Rut

    Guns and cabinet for sale

    Remington 700 BDL 270 and good for nothing scope $450. My guess is less than 100 rounds put through it. Browning Citori 20 ga. Super lite(I believe is what it is called). A few light dents. Pic looks worse than it actually is. $875 Oak corner cabinet holds 9 guns. $450 If these prices...
  15. Thinkin Rut

    Question for NR's

    I'm curious to know....if Iowa hovers at or slightly below in our deer population, are we still miles ahead of your home state to the point of buying ground here? Let us know your home state and the last time that you hunted Iowa.
  16. Thinkin Rut

    Triple digits

    Everyone is discussing the perfect storm as far as the deer population goes, I'm thinking perfect storm for plummeting Rec land values. We should bottom out in the 80K area for harvest numbers in the next few years and that will become the new norm, 100K will be celebrated. Corn and bean prices...
  17. Thinkin Rut

    Tough question

    It's November 4th, you are a conservative, nothing has changed in the Iowa Whitetail world...it's fading fast. Do you vote for the Liberal or Branstad? It's Branstad all day long for me.
  18. Thinkin Rut

    electronic predator calls

    Any suggestions on best call for the money?
  19. Thinkin Rut

    Decent buck

    My best from this pull.
  20. Thinkin Rut

    The ending of QE3 and land values

    As interest rates rise, do you think there will be a modest, moderate or a massive land value correction? Maybe you think values will continue to soar. Lets here your thoughts and reasons why.
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