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Search results

  1. LoessHillsArcher

    Shotgun Red Dot Sights

    I put the cheapest Tru-Glo red dot "tube" style on my turkey shotguns. Usually $40-50. Love them! They're on four of our guns and take shots from 3.5" 12g over and over, never missed a beat.
  2. LoessHillsArcher

    New shotgun for turkey hunting

    I love my old Mossberg. I don't get too carried away with the weapon on turkeys, just put a cheap red-dot on it and put it on their head. Love turkey hunting but it seems like it's not a complicated game. At least gun hunting them - bow hunting them is another deal!
  3. LoessHillsArcher

    HSB 157 Using dogs while fur harvesting

    So no letting coyote hounds run free anywhere? I like this. I get dogs don't know fencelines but we've seen people very intentionally letting their dogs on to areas they know they aren't supposed to be and going to the other end of the section just waiting. Hopefully those who have dogs that...
  4. LoessHillsArcher

    Coyote problem

    Nailed it here - really the only benefit to killing them is the timing of when you're doing it. Best done during fawning/nesting seasons. Or if you've got some ruining a food plot you like to deer hunt. Honestly, you'll never put a dent in the population long term. I've long given up on...
  5. LoessHillsArcher

    HF 22 Black bear hunting

    That's a shockingly low number - wow!
  6. LoessHillsArcher

    HF 22 Black bear hunting

    Yup, one random one comes down to IA last year. People flock to see it like it. Someone hears it isn't protected and could be shot legally, they want it protected. They propose a law change. Just my guess at how this unfolded.
  7. LoessHillsArcher

    .223 Barska 6-24 scope with base. $150 TYD

    Bump for the predator hunters out there
  8. LoessHillsArcher

    Red cedars

    I'd take the ones from the Ames nursery, I don't think you'll notice a difference in 5 years I've also dug up and replanted hundreds of cedars, works great. Keep roots moist was key for survival for me. I've even done some 6' ones by hand when I needed a screen
  9. LoessHillsArcher

    .223 Barska 6-24 scope with base. $150 TYD

    Like new, the turret on top was cool for dialing yardages. $150 I’ll ship it to ya Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. LoessHillsArcher

    Cereal Grains and cover crops

    For what it is worth Drew, I'm throwing seed down this weekend Drew. Our forecast looks similar... let's just pray we catch some surprise showers!
  11. LoessHillsArcher

    Acorns to Oaks!

    This shingle oak I was given when it was 5-6’ tall. It’s taken off this year, I believe it’s been in the ground three years now. I didn’t measure the growth but it’s nearing 24” Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. LoessHillsArcher

    Cattle Pasture

    I agree - get some other stuff in there vs just the natural regrowth. Chinkapin oaks have done well for us as well as the above mentioned. Maybe some fruit trees or chestnuts as well. Native grasses are good but on an area like that I'd go with cedars and mixed hardwoods for cover all year...
  13. LoessHillsArcher

    Acorns to Oaks!

    That is crazy! I forget, this one is planted in your yard right? Not in a rootmaker?
  14. LoessHillsArcher

    Quarantine nightly fishing!!

    Monster crappie there!! Snagged some nice bluegills last week here Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. LoessHillsArcher

    Acorns to Oaks!

    Crazy!! I've got some sawtooth acorns I put in rootmakers cells last week - late to the game but hoping to get them in the ground this fall yet.
  16. LoessHillsArcher

    Quarantine nightly fishing!!

    Awesome pics, we have been doing more fishing lately as well. Helps when the boy is getting to the age he can enjoy it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. LoessHillsArcher


    I'm 0-2 so far, not counting the one dried up gray my wife found. It's been probably 4 years since we've found enough to even bother cooking up. Used to find tons of them each spring
  18. LoessHillsArcher

    Apple/Pear Trees

    Gonna have pears this year on this one again! The other two varieties, wish I could recall what they were, aren’t going to put blossoms on this year again... weird? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. LoessHillsArcher

    Pond dock

    Most winters are pretty mild - def will get ice on the pond but not always over 12". We've got all the regular farm equipment. I'm starting to lean towards a floating dock, even making one myself (go figure. lol) just because you can move the dock around if you want. I'd def want a hand rail...
  20. LoessHillsArcher

    Pond dock

    My parents put a small 2 acre pond on their place a few years ago, never stocked it other than one five gallon bucket with 2 doz small crappie and bluegills ~7 yrs ago. Fished it for the first time yesterday and caught a small bullhead and bluegill, our boy had a blast. Looking to get some...
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