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Search results

  1. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    Iowa Taxidermists Association show and competition March 27-28

    Honey Creek Resort by Lake Rathbun. Open to public and free Saturday noon-5pm and Sunday 9-11am. Come check out some awesome displays of taxidermy. This is a great place for folks who are undecided on a taxidermist or looking to switch. You will be able to see the difference in quality in...
  2. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    non whitetail trophies part2

    Big Rainbow Wide Wyoming pronghorn
  3. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    Non whitetail trophies I've been working on

    1800lb American Bison Arizona Coues deer Big Rainbow trout
  4. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    Youth season taxidermy special

    IW members who bring youth deer to me before November 20 are guaranteed to have it back for Christmas! Shoulder mount for youth hunters is $585. contact me with any ?s or if you want a list of references
  5. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    Hawk 18' Sasquatch 2 man ladder stand

    Brand new in box. Located in Columbus Junction. $325 https://shop.hawkhunting.com/18-sasquatch-2-man-ladder-stand/
  6. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    New in box Sword Apex Hunter

    RH 4 pin Black .019 $85 to your door.
  7. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    Iowa taxidermy show March 28-29

    At the Meskwaki convention center in Tama. Open to public and free Saturday 12-5 and Sunday 9-12. If you have a taxidermist or are looking for one come check out the competition room and see the difference between amateur, pro, and masters work. There will be over 100 pieces to look at from...
  8. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    Good luck this gun season!

    Shoot straight and be safe! Reinertson Custom Taxidermy will be picking up deer for mounts in the Des Moines area and the Decorah area this gun season. Free delivery once completed also. Open all hours until the last day of the season, just call (319-331-7126) and we will take care of your...
  9. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    First mount done this season

    This buck of a lifetime was shot September 2nd in Nebraska.
  10. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    Another Sligh mount

    Just delivered this piece to Aaron Sligh in Urbandale. Altered OTS semi upright form to really make the droptine pop. The mane on the cape was an awesome bonus. Check out what we have been up to on https://www.facebook.com/ReinertsonCustomTaxidermy/?ref=bookmarks We pick up and deliver all...
  11. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    Youth season taxidermy deal for IW members

    Any IW member who scores with a youth hunter will get a special price of $575 total with tax included for a shoulder mount. Also, guaranteed the mount will be done 1 week before Christmas so they can have their trophy under the tree. Check out Reinertson Custom Taxidermy on Facebook for...
  12. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    Radix deals for IW Members

    Reinertson Custom Taxidermy is now carrying all Radix products at our shop in Columbus Junction Iowa. Special summer offer for IW members is 10% off everything! Check out their website to see details about their products. https://www.radixtrailcamera.com/ There is a blind set up at the...
  13. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    The King- Skip Sligh's 2018 Buck

    A huge thanks to Skip for giving me the opportunity to work on this amazing animal. Taxidermy is my passion and I'm blessed to have hunters trust me with their trophies they work so hard to harvest. Please check out my other work at...
  14. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    2019 ITA show

    Hope to see you there and catch up with some old friends
  15. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    2019 Mathews Vertix

    Just bought new at Fin and Feather in Iowa City. Tore my labrum and need shoulder surgery this week. Won’t be able to use this for a long time. Right hand, 28” draw 70lbs. Realtree Edge Camo. Only shots were when they paper tuned it with a new Qad HTX rest. Paid $1040 for bow and rest...
  16. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    RH 28” 60lb Elite Synergy Package

    Paper tuned WB Pro-Elite quiver-4 Carbon Express Maxima arrows. Just needs a sight and is ready to hunt. $575 TYD or $550 if you pick up in Columbus Junction
  17. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    RH 28” 70lb Elite Hunter package

    Ready to hunt today. 10 Beaman ICS Hunter arrows-Spot Hogg Bullet proof sight-WB Pro rest- Limb Saver stabilizer-Alpine 3 arrow quiver-Metapeep. $500 TYD or $450 if you pick up in Columbus Junction.
  18. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    2016 Land Pride DH1060 disc

    Used twice since I bought it new in 2016. Stored inside, mint condition. Pick up in Columbus Junction. $1100.
  19. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    Can you ID these tresspassers?

    Pic taken yesterday. These 3 blatantly trespassing on my friends farm. Louisa County just north of Morning Sun.
  20. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    2017 iowa taxidermy show

    open to the public and Free Saturday march 25 from noon-5 and Sunday 9-11am. Marshalltown Best Western. If you like taxidermy or are looking for a taxidermist come check out all the works of art at the show. It's a competition so you can also compare your current taxidermist's work against...
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